Christian Militias Murder And Rape South Sudan Population

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Adnan Rashid: South Sudan is a country that was forged by Christian missionaries. They campaigned for a separate “Christian” homeland for Christians. It seems missionaries didn’t have a plan to run the country after it was created.

Another question that comes to mind is why isn’t this violence attributed to Christianity? Soldiers killing and raping are evidently Christian. Will the global media now use terms like “Christian Terrorism”, just as “Islamic Terrorism” is used freely?

Our hearts go out to the innocent victims of all savage wars…

The Independent reports:

Women and children are being slaughtered in South Sudan by soldiers who said to be using knives for the massacres to save their ammunition.

The brutal conflict, sparking UN warnings over ethnic cleansing, is driving a devastating famine that is threatening millions with starvation in the country.

One woman who fled violence in the city of Yei told how she…

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  1. Horrible, disgusting,. vile and evil.

    Mean while back in jolly old England


    • Londonistan!

      You could almost guarantee that this happened after Friday prayers- seems the be one of the most violent times for Muslims.

      Or maybe these Muslims are just upset at Lizzie Schofields article? lol.

      P.S I love their little holy hats they don especially for their violent prayer times.


    • Yeah like a handful of anti-social guys havinf a scrap is comparable to what is outlined in the blog post re Sudan…

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  2. …”The world’s youngest nation has been mired in civil war since 2013, when President Salva Kiir fired his deputy Riek Machar, sparking a war that has increasingly split the country along ethnic lines

    report presented to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday concluded that both government forces and non-state groups were targeting civilian populations on the basis of their ethnic identity ”

    Clearly, this is an ethnic problem, not a Christian one. In fact, the article doesn’t even mention that these ethnic troubles are religiously related, let alone caused by Christians.

    Just another example of Discover the Fluff telling porkies.

    Now, for the ISIS. Since Isis claim Islamic tradition and the Sunnah for their actions it is rightly labelled Islamic Terrorism. You are comparing a clear religious conflict to an ethnic one. Porkies, porkies, porkies. And then you try to smear Christ and the Church.

    Your christophobia and hate for Christ and the Church is evident.


  3. “But as The Australian reported, Islam has become an obsession for the violent inmates who practice the religion inside Supermax.

    For this reason Supermax, a jail inside NSW”s grimmest correctional complex 195km southwest of Sydney, is often referred to as “Super mosque”.”


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