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  1. Yes, unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance.

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  2. “I am a fakestinian christian”. Read your bible mate. There is no such place as fakestine and you have severe case of stockholm syndrome.


    • “There is no such place as fakestine” Of course there isn’t it only exists in your delusional mind, mate!

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    • Where are the borders of the nation of palestine? Who was its leader before the Egyptian Arafat? What’s its language? What its currency? When did Palestine become a nation?

      Between 1948 and 1967 there were no calls from the arabs in the west bank of Jordan to become a country called “palestine”. Why is that?


  3. The area was called Palestine (by the Romans after they killed and / or drove most of the Jews out in 70 AD and 135 AD after the Bar Kokhba rebellion, but it was never a sovereign country called “Palestine”, if that is what you mean – that it was not a political country with its own rule, that is true. After Christianity became dominant in the 300s, it was part of the East Roman Empire or Byzantine, until Islam came and conquered it unjustly around 636-638 AD. Later, after the Ottoman Turks became the dominant Islamic Empire, (conquered Constantinople in 1453), It was under the authority of the Ottoman Empire until the end of World War 1; and the Ottomans were justly punished for joining Germany in WW I and lost the territory; after that it was under the British Mandate until 1948.


    • The Palestinian Christian ancestors came from the Greek Byzantines, that were there before Islam came in 636 AD and afterward.

      I don’t know why you say I have a severe case of “Stockholm syndrome”.



    • Such nonnsense! The Brits had no right to take their land. Who the hell do they think they are? God?Another depserate attempt to justify the stealing of the land.

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    • It was a just punishment against the Ottoman Turks, who were the government of the area, until they could solve the tensions between the Jews and the Arabs, which never seems to be solved. Hamas even has in its charter that famous very ugly Hadith – “fighting against the Jews will not stop until the day of judgment/resurrection/last day”, and “there is a Jew behind the stone and rock and says come and kill me.”

      That is a very disgusting Sahih Hadith and ugly and makes Islam negative.


    • Actually the Brits did have the right. The San Remo treaty which was instituted by the League of Nations authourised Britain to reconstitute the Nation of Israel.


    • Ken said “That is a very disgusting Sahih Hadith and ugly and makes Islam negative.”

      Absolutely not. It’s your interpretation (and that of Hamas if they have done the same) that is the problem. The hadith is only talking about an event that is going to happen towards the end of times.


  4. “Islamophobes” 😂

    I’ve already shown you why that word is nonsensical, Bilal.


  5. Ken
    ““fighting against the Jews will not stop until the day of judgment/resurrection/last day””
    Could you quote he source of this hadith.

    You believe that out of 14 million jews on face of this earth, there will be just 144,000 who will not be killed by Jesus, which means 1% only from the jewish population.

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