Once upon a time the West upheld decency in dress codes. No longer.


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  1. there are much thing to say about this subject. 100-120 years ago kissing lips to lips was illegal. what change the society this fast? hollywood? feminism? porn? or all of them? people divorce like give up gym membership.

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  2. “100-120 years ago kissing lips to lips was illegal.”

    Really, where?

    documentation please

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  3. Paul, do you believe men should be fully covered like women in Islam to stop temptation of homosexual men?


  4. All those silly feminists out there who make excuses for islam should see this. In the 21st century there are unreconstructed mysoginists who think they have the right to tell women what they can wear.


    • so called christians are silly as so called feminists. they open the door for them and this is also true for so called muslims.


  5. Has Christianity degenerated to getting the finger up the air and going with popular opinion?
    ( This is a rhetorical question…please don’t come at me with Political Islam, Jihad watch and co. talking points).

    Christianity has gone into bed with feminism, liberalis, capitalism, nationalism and a host of other ideologies which are counter to the message of the scriptures they claim to follow.

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