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  1. It does not mean that one should not laugh at all – only that one should not overindulge.

    Islam is the path of moderation.

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  2. “Do not laugh a lot, for laughing a lot deadens the heart.”



    • Don’t laugh too much, you might end up with a dead heart!!


    • The irony is that it is well known on this blog that you have a dead heart to the truth.

      Thank you for underlining the Hadith!

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    • TFK666

      No one has ever come close to establishing beyond any shadow of a doubt that islam is true, that mohammed is a prophet of the true god, or that allah is the “I AM” of the old testament.

      There is scant evidence that islam is true, and far more that islam is the product of an ignorant 7th century barbarians who wanted hegemonic power across generations and national borders.

      As for this hadith, there is no historical evidence that mohammed ever actually said it, and every reason to surmise that it is the result of the need to stifle the qualities that tyrants and charlatans fear the most – humour and satire.

      Mohammed should be laughed at – after all he did encourage his followers to drink camel’s urine, and claimed to have traveled to the moon to rend it asunder (LOL).

      What is hilarious is that muslims believe that the quran is the word of allah, yet, the rituals of the faith are nowhere found in its text.

      Finally, this hadith makes an empirical claim – laughing too much somehow makes people more stubborn or some nonsense like that – that could be substantiated by observation. Do you know any medical studies that support this “wisdom”?


    • Kev, I’m not going to tolerate any more comments from you mocking Islam. Either get serious or expect your comments to be deleted on sight.

      Choice is yours.


    • Fair enough, Paul.

      Which part of my comment was mocking?


    • “Mohammed should be laughed at”


    • That is my opinion.


    • I see.

      This is a Muslim run blog. You cannot mock, or encourage the mocking, any of the prophets of God here.


    • Kev,
      If you are speaking to someone who is an atheist or a skeptic non-believer – Can YOU establish “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that Christianity is true or that Jesus is a Prophet of the true God, or that the Trinitarian God is the God of the OT?

      Your obligatory and repetitive criticisms of Islam have been addressed and refuted over and over again, yet you still regurgitate them on cue…..how boring.

      The fact that you refuse to understand the Hadeeth within their own context, or to understand the figurative nature of the hadith in question simply reflects your own bias.

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  3. Paulus, life is a test and depending on how we do on the test, we go to paradise or hell.

    For some of us, life is not a joke, it’s a test.

    So, don’t disturb us when we take the test seriously and we don’t want to be stubborn and follow irrational doctrines and immoral doctrines.

    If you insist on doing so, that’s your choice. But don’t disturb our test to go to reward and pleasure and success and not pain, regret, punishment, and an attitude to be stubborn.

    Laughing in an indulgent way is not good when taking a test.

    Did you laugh a lot when taking a calculus test?

    Islam is not against laughing. The Qur’an is the word of God and God says that Solomon laughed at the incident of the ants.

    And Solomon was a righteous person.

    To be your score on your test affecting your hereafter and to me mine.


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    • Wrong. It is you Muslims disturbing the rest of us. For example, Paul has just decided to try and make the rest of us shariah compliant, and not mock Muhammad. We are not Muslims. We do not need to abide by Muslim laws. You are failing the test.


    • This is a Muslim run blog. If you don’t like it buzz off.

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    • The fact that you can only mock him shows something, maybe try coming up with an intellectual argument instead of insulting and mocking him.

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    • Paulus,
      “We do not need to abide by Muslim laws.”

      No one asked you to abide by Muslim Laws – Just be a good Christian and have some common decency.

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    • Son of Issam.

      Decency requires truth and freedom. By limiting criticism of Muhammad, it is you who lacks decency. You should support free criticism of Muhammad, after all, you don’t worship him, do you?


    • Hashim.

      Intellectual argument? Ok. Explain to me, in detail, the concept of tawheed. Let’s see how intellectual you really are.


    • That’s not an argument you’re presenting, you’re simply asking for an explanation of tawheed.


    • Paulus,

      noun: decency

      behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.
      “she had the decency to come and confess”
      synonyms: propriety, decorum, good taste, respectability, dignity, correctness, good form, etiquette; More
      morality, virtue, modesty, delicacy

      “standards of taste and decency”
      •courtesy, politeness, good manners, civility, respect;
      consideration, thoughtfulness, tact, diplomacy

      “he didn’t have the decency to tell me”
      •modesty and propriety.
      “a loose dress, rather too low-cut for decency”

      •the requirements of accepted or respectable behavior.
      plural noun: decencies
      “an appeal to common decencies”

      Nothing in there about Truth or Freedom………but nice try.

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