The Trinity – A Simple Explanation

Do you find the Trinity difficult to understand? Many Christians do. This video offers a simple, step by step guide on how one can make sense of the Trinity.

YouTube Mirror: The Trinity – A Simple Explanation

This clip is taken from a debate between Mr. Joe Ventilacion of Iglesia Ni Cristo and Mr. Chauncey Killens of Church of God in Christ. This is from the first cross-examination of the debate, where Mr. Ventilacion had the opportunity to ask Mr. Killens about his opening statement which defended the doctrine of the Trinity as being Biblical. The debate took place in Salina (California, USA) on February 27th, 2010.

and God knows best.

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  1. If the trinity is “revealed clearly” in the Bible (as the Evangelical usually claims), why don’t they believe in it?

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  2. burhanuddin1 please check my compilation of non and anti trinitarian christian websites. some of them are not working but most of them is ok. I am thinking to update them.


  3. Waiting for someone to come and say,
    ‘You don’t understand the trinity, you need the holy spirit to understand how the father is the only true God but Jesus and the spirit are also God, but they’re only 1 God, even though the father is the only true God, and they’re distinct from one another’.


    • Ok, let me explain it – God is like an egg, or maybe a pencil……LOL.

      The lengths to which Trinitarians will go, to hold on to an irrational belief in a false unbiblical man made doctrine!!


    • At least the Mr. Ventilacion has opened his mind enough to be able to question the unbiblical doctrine of the Trinity.


    • lol, how does the pencil analogy go?


    • Ibn Issam

      “Ok, let me explain it – God is like an egg, or maybe a pencil……LOL.

      The lengths to which Trinitarians will go, to hold on to an irrational belief in a false unbiblical man made doctrine!!”

      NO, let me explain it. God is beyond explanation – that is then only rational position to hold, and it is the christian position. Muslims worship a being that you seem to think is easy to explain – such a being cannot be god.


    • Good excuse for believing in an illogical concept of God.


    • hashim


      A good excuse for believing in something is also known as a good reason that supports it. You have admitted that the islamic position is irrational.


    • Or i was being sarcastic?
      It’s the worst excuse i’ve heard.


    • Kev,
      If God is beyond explanation then why do Christians always try “explain” God as being like an egg, or maybe a pencil or H20? Even now you are trying to “explain” God as being “unexplainable.”

      The funny thing is that you say God is “beyond explanation” but the Trinitarian concept of God’s nature DEMANDS explanation, because otherwise NO ONE would be able to understand it.

      In contrast to the irrationality of a confusing Trinity, Islam offers a clear understanding of Gods nature as a being whose nature is INCOMPARABLE in its absolute Oneness.

      If God is LIKE anything in his creation then he is not incomparable, since he can be explained as being comparable to something else. While God himself is incomparable and not fully explainable, there are still things about his nature that we can rationally explain in order for us to understand him as best as humanly possible, based on what he has revealed of himself to us through the revelatory process.

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  4. Not surprised.

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    • Hopefully more and more Christians will gradually come to understand the indefensibility of the unbiblical man made Trinitarian doctrine and move closer to a Unitarian understanding on the nature of God.

      However, even when the do accept Unitarianism, they usually remain misguided in some other innovated belief which they cannot release and let go of. There are so many layers of innovation and false doctrines piled on top of countless more innovations and falsehoods within Christianity that it is impossible for the Christian to rid themselves of all misguidance while still remaining Christians.

      And even if they could, there is still a missling link between the earliest form of Paulinian Trinitarian Christianity and the original teachings of Jesus.

      The closest one can come to following the true teachings of Jesus is through acceptance of Islam.

      In many respects Islam reflects an echo from Christianity’s earliest phase.

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  5. You guys just don’t get it – this is the clearest indication that islam is not from the judeo-christian tradition. Fully understanding the Trinity is not a necessity because God (the true God) cannot be understood fully.

    The Christian focus is not on the trinue oneness of god, but on his intent and purpose for man through the revelation of god’s character and nature. Tawheed is a revelation without a point – it reveals nothing significant about allah, and apparently there is nothing about your god that can be known for sure. Even his “Oneness” is an attribute, and even these cannot reveal his absolute nature. Go figure.


    • When you say the ‘the true God’, do you mean ‘the only true God [the father]’?


    • hashim

      I mean the one true triune god.


    • Kev,
      The leader of the biggest Church in the world clearly places Islam within the Abrahamic Tradition in his “Nostra Aetate” statement. But we should take your word over the Pope that Islam is not from the same tradition as Judaism and Christianity? Keep walking pal.

      The Trinity is a complete misunderstanding and corruption of God’s nature based on the cross-pollination of the Jewish teachings of Jesus with Greco-Roman-paganistic man God theology. The Trinity has many reiterations in many various pagan mythologies around the world, and thus it is really only a repetition of previous misguidance. It is paganism repackaged in Abrahamic wrappings.

      The Trinity degrades the nature of God, by linking it with mortality. While Tawheed emphasizes the divine independent nature of God – free of all proposed associates. The concept of Tawheed was a radical and revolutionary concept in the ancient times both for Jews and Muslims,

      It was not some tired, old worn out Trinitarian idea, that changed the course of history, it is the idea of God’s Absolute Oneness, and the one God of Abraham that ultimately changed the world.

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  6. God is A Deity and not any Organisation that comprises of two or more persons.


  7. John 17 v 3 means God, the Father, in relation to Christ. Not God outside this relation.

    I think the problem with Unitarians is they start by erroneously equating Jehovah with God the Father in the OT and then forcefully pressing the NT in to this mold. Instead of working from the NT to the OT.

    In the bible the Father never identifies himself with Jehovah using his own name of Father.



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