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  1. I think Christians are looking to find some hope their faith not decline in the future, and they would like to find a theory that they can hold onto to counter the narrative that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world according to numerous research studies. Kaufmann and “The Future of Secularism” are predicting Church growth through genetics and projected birth rates, while journal Nature is counting on birth rates coupled with declining mean IQ ……so according to these studies we are faced with a future full of unintelligent people predisposed to be non-secularist Christians! Pathetic.

    However, Kaufman does not seem to take into account a variety of conflicting data which bring his conclusions into question. Nor do the studies consider complicated factors which may affect even the most unintelligent Christian and lead them away from the Church into Atheism, Agnosticism, or into non-Christian religions etc. Those future children born into Christian families are still at risk, as there is no guarantee that at some point in their life, they may return to secularism, after becoming convinced that Christianity is outdated, or religion itself is absurd. Therefore, even with birth rates and low mean intelligence, retention is still an problem. With the advent of higher German criticism it is getting harder and harder to maintain retention rates in Christianity, especially once people come to understand recent developments in critical Biblical scholarship.

    The article states that Christianity has been a victim of its own success and high ideals, which have progressively evolved into secularism. But I think that this is not so much true as Christianity is more victim of its original sin of rejecting the divine Law, which has opened the door to continuous innovation within the religion. This is the true root cause of the continued “evolution” and change within Christianity that has finally resulted in the secular heresy, and the exodus of the masses away from Christianity.

    In contrast, Islam maintains a fast growth rate due to high fertility rates, and conversion. While retention is maintained due to the rationality of Islamic theology, which speaks to all people including high and low intelligence along with upper and lower classes and everyone in between. In addition Islam has a firm foundation upon divine law, which precludes innovations which may lead to any various heresies which could threaten the long life of the faith. It is the unchanging constancy of Islam that guards and maintains it well into the distant future!

    Given the predictions on Islam being the fastest growing religion, the last evolved human figure on the cover of the Catholic Herald should be a Muslim prostrating in sujuud position! 🙂

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  2. God created Fitra : 1 – Culturally acquired Atheism : 0

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