“Useful Idiot” James White Victim of Sam Shamoun’s Burst Ego

I recently highlighted Dr James R White’s condemnation of dishonest Christian readers who allege the Quran teaches Allah is a “deceiver”. The ego of one of these critics spun out of control, rather than accepting the correction and rebuke from a Christian elder he flew off the handle calling Dr White all sorts of names. Folks in anti-Islam Christian apologetics, does truth not matter more than your egos?

James White Sam Shamoun Usef Idiot 1

James White Sam Shamoun Usef Idiot

James White Sam Shamoun Usef Idiot 2

This seems to be an ego thing. Sam Shamoun posts material from the likes of pastor Steven Anderson and Dr Mike Licona. Both of whom have said things which people use to argue against certain Christians. For instance pastor Steven Anderson has made statements which have been used to argue against certain  Trinitarians and he has also made statements on the Bible’s view on women’s rights which many Westernised Christians will find alien. Mike Licona has made some interesting admissions too which blow a hole in the traditional idea of inerrancy and even suggest Paul of Tarsus (Sam Shamoun’s prophet) made a false prophecy

Now, Sam Shamoun reposts stuff from those characters and he does not call them “useful idiots”, “dhimmis” or “shallow and inept” in understanding. Why the discrepancy?

Perhaps it is because Dr White highlighted Sam Shamoun as somebody who is a dishonest reader – in the video clip on the post Sam even makes up his own translation of the Quran to argue for his wild-eyed assertions.

Sam, consistency is important. If you would look at the bigger picture you would see how you are leading Christians away from Biblical Christianity. You, along with folks like Jay Smith and David Wood. I don’t think Dr James White would argue with much of what I wrote.

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  1. When someone like James White offers a more responsible and accurate explanation of the verse, in comparison with the Bible, it undermines Shamoun’s “wild-eyed assertions” and intentional misinterpretations of Qur’an.

    But what is more damaging to Shamoun’s full time career as a rabid anti-Muslim polemicist, is that White shows how Christians can take a more honest approach in dialogue with Muslims, without twisting the meaning of Qur’anic verses and resorting to the usual underhanded tactics, insults, lies, distortions, and misportrayals of Islamic belief. White seems to be calling on those like Shamoun to be more responsible in their missionary work. At least that is my hope.

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  2. Yahyaslime, I am challenging you to debate me on who the real deceiver is, your satan named Allah or Yahweh? I will let you even choose the moderator for this debate. So please man up and accept my challenge so you can show everyone how well you know your deen and the language of your book of porn. Email me here so we can set it up: sam_shmn40@hotmail.com


    • You have my emails blocked. I cannot email you. You’ve also blocked me on FB so there is no way to priavtely chat to you or arrange any dialogue. Not sure why you’re making out otherwise…

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    • you are blocked on that one. Better yet let’s set it up here for all to see. First, time and date then you can debate me.


    • Thanks for being honest and admitting that. As for discussion arrangements email me (yep, you’ll have to unblock me) or PM on FB (yep, you’ll have to unblock me) and we can discuss things.

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    • And Sam, if you looked beyond your hatred of Muslims you’d know Allah is not satan but your God and the God of Jesus. Jesus knew Allah is God. You should know this and accept this too.

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    • Fine, I’ll moderate the debate then.

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    • It’s interesting how Sam has challenged dozens, if not hundreds of people whenever he chats with them online but NONE OF THEM ever turn into real debates. It’s become almost a cliche reply from Sam. Whenever I see him speak with someone he differs with, all you need to do is read about 2 to 3 sentences down and like clockwork he’ll challenge the person to a debate. Which later on turns into nothing.

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    • I am all for Ijaz moderating this debate. And you can email me since you are NOT blocked on that account.


    • I am all for Ijaz moderating this debate. And you can email me since you are NOT blocked on that account.


    • Sam buddy, first get your own house in order before you start barking debate challenges towards Muslims. Also, if you are so far gone that you can’t even understand the simple explanation from James White about your Theology and how inconstant it is to call Allah a deceiver, yet at the same time not acknowledge that by your Triune God not intervening in Creation to guide those who fallen astray is – by definition – the exact same thing, then I don’t know what to tell you. I mean I might as well then be debating with Alex Jones and trying to convince him that Lizard people don’t exist.

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    • Now what was that about throwing out debate challenges and nothing ever taking place, simply syrup? 😉


    • It means no one takes your seriously, that what it was about. I mean for a normal person, if they see that every time they throw out a challenge to debate and no one answers, then eventually they get it and only challenge a debate when they really feel like it will fall through. You on the other-hand use it as some type of online debate booster, to give you some sort of credibility in the discussion. So now your little challenge means nothing. Also I remember when you were trolling my YT channel a while back kept pestering me until I finally gave in and accepted your challenge. And when I did what happened? You made your demands so ridiculous that naturally the debate didn’t follow through. In addition to this as you know because of your constant childish comments the Muslim community has boycotted you. I don’t know where you are from in the US, but seriously what Church tells you this methodology of swearing and insulting is correct? Only Right Wing Neo-Nazi groups speak like you online. I’m sure you have a few friends in those groups. In all truths after watching a few episodes of ABN I couldn’t tell the difference between a KKK rally and your Christian channel.

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  3. This fat bald foul mouthed crazy individual is a loser.. I don’t understand why we take this dumbo seriously? We have people like James White or other honest and kind apologists that would’ve a kind discussion. This devils “popularity” is getting out of hand, hence this crazy bald individual is after James White.. Just throw this idiot in the dustbin.


  4. If a St Sam barks in the woods will anyone hear him?

    Honestly why does anyone give this dude the time of day, he’s clearly lost whats left of his marbles. The best thing to do would be simply ignore him and stop giving him the platform to spew his nonesense as there are plenty of decent and intelligent people to engage with.

    I thereby canonise St Sam as the patron saint of…silly sausages!!!

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    • Point taken but Sam has a knack of getting himself a bit of negative internet buzz with his look-at-me style.


    • I understand, he has built a career (of sorts) on drawing attention to himself however I honestly believe his influence and credibility has waned significantly amongst both Muslims and Christians.

      St Sam is not the issue but simply exhibits the kind of anti-Islam rhetoric that has permeated European and American culture for centuries. The good thing is that such attitudes are fading with the times what with people being more aware of each other.

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  5. Hey Guys,

    I know many people have seen the unfortunate side of Sam, I know he’s aggressive, some may say bullying, others may say hot-headed, and to some extent he is. But…and yes, there is a but….he is human and I’m sure like everyone else he has stressors and triggers that exacerbate this side of him.

    A lot of people may not believe this, but sometimes he is pleasant and is willing to engage with people on a somewhat relatable level. What I would advise is, recognize that he is a man of two minds and hope for the best. It’s easy to beat each other up, but much harder to forgive hostile people, but it can be worth it and I would recommend everyone giving that a try.

    That said, Sam doesn’t like me, I don’t like him and I’m okay with that. Not everyone needs to be buddies, but it’s okay to recognize that we don’t always have to be aggressive with aggressive people, just let him vent and ignore him to be honest.

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    • I think we’ve all been waiting for that “Ah haaa” moment for Sam. He’s an Arab living in the US with growing Islamophobia, yet still acts like his false teaching are not going to effect his kids’ future. Doesn’t he realize that even Christian Arabs are facing hate crimes because of the Fear Mongering by extremists in the Church? If Sam would just stop trying the “Death by a Thousand cuts” methodology, where he just tries to argue anything against Islam, even if it’s logically contradictory, and if he just focused on Theology and real differences in the faith, then maybe people would take him seriously.

      But, for now he wishes to jump on the bandwagon of hate and false information against Islam. There are leaders and followers in the world, and leaders are the ones that stand up against what has become common and acceptable and points out a wrong when it’s present. Many Churches have grown accustomed to Islam bashing, so I’m sure when Sam does the song and dance for them about the Muslim boogie men, the gets standing ovations.

      Also this tendency to go overboard and be extremely hateful might be because a lot of Arab Christians have an inferiority complex in White Christian Churches. They can feel the suspicion from their fellow Christians, so in the attempt to win over his fellow Church goers some of these guys feel compelled to go way overboard in their criticism. In addition to this Arab Christians get a lot of pressure to evangelize Muslims in the Middle East, and of course when they try to do their Anti-Islam song and dance to Arab Scholars they get completely humiliated. As we see with many so-called Arab Christian debate channels in Egypt and elsewhere.

      So after Millions of dollars with barely anything to show for it, Arab Christians eventually become bitter and mean spirited. At least some do. Others sit with their Muslim neighbors and learn to love one another despite their faith. And if and when they discuss religion they become fair and discuss core tenants of the faith, not little nit picky issues that can also be found in the OT like Sam and David constantly do. (Which for the most part tend to be purposely misinterpreted, to the extent that we Muslims actually almost 100% know that they are purposely lying.)

      But, I don’t think Sam is going to wake up until we see the Christian Militias in the United States become like ISIS and start quoting articles written by answeringislam.com, or discussions from ABN. But we’ll see.

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    • Yep. He is probably mentally ill and needs professional help.


  6. Better than having your women raping and child marrying profit for their dad, that’s for sure.


  7. I guess that was a No.


  8. Pauly Wally My Paly Waly!(Sam Shamoun)

    May 5, 2017 • 7:05 pm

    Yahyaslime, I am challenging you to debate me on who the real deceiver is, your satan named Allah or Yahweh?

    I say;
    This ugly guy who has got his big stomach not healed by his lord Jesus Christ, insults anyone including his Arab Christians, James White, obviously Muslims and any one who does not agree with him.

    We corrected him with this “deceiver” thing long time ago and over and over but he still brings it up. Why?Because he has nothing to challenge Islam, except lies.

    I am happy, most Christians are shunning away from him, hence his frustration in insulting anyone.

    Is the name Allah satan? Your Christian Arabs will tell you no, Mr. Sam Samoun. To keep saying this is ridiculous and will erode much of your Christian support.

    Your ignorance is clear. You thought the name Allah is Islam alone. Anyone who does not know that, the name Allah is universal as God and not satan, then the person is a fool. Most Christians will agree with me on this one and will be against you. That is what Dr. James White is telling you. He is telling you, David Wood and Jay to acknowledge the obvious – lies – from you.


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  9. Every time James White has a friendly dialogue with a Muslim or is featured in a video of Islamic apologetics, some of Shamoun’s life’s work vilifying Muslims is undone. I feel a little bit guilty to say this but it’s so amusing to watch him go nuts every time.

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