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  1. In Sha Allah, we are here to correct them.


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  2. I would like to see us discuss theology. Most posts here are just attacks on Christianity.

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    • I don’t think you’ve said the truth.
      Man, this blog is providing space for christians to write their thoughts even! Why wouldn’t you say that the truth sometimes hurts.


    • Most Muslims would prefer to have a respectful dialogue about theology, and Islam as a religion is more than capable of easily stating its case in such a conversation.

      However, we unfortunately see that instead of dealing with the facts and issues raised in relation to their own religion, unreconstructed right-wing Christian missionaries regularly prefer to deflect by rabidly attacking, slandering, abusing, defaming, and insulting Islam….as if THAT will address the serious and critical issues that Biblical Scholarship has discovered in regard to their own Christian theology.

      It seems that many Christians lack confidence that Christianity can stand on its own legs and be successful in a theological interfaith conversation without resorting to cheap polemical attacks against the other religion, and dragging the conversation down into the mud where they have equal footing.

      Don’t portray Muslims as “attacking Christianity” when in actuality it is the reverse that is true, and most of the antagonism is instigated from the fundamentalist Christian side.


    • Christians love to play the victim card.. I think this guy is blind when it comes to his own brethren in faith. Perhaps, persecution complex?


  3. For what it’s worth, while I’ve been away from the blog (and still have a couple comment threads to return to, when time permits), I’d still like to contribute a couple more articles to the blog (with your [i.e. Mr. Williams’] permission, of course), which, like my first piece, would not constitute attacks on Islam (though I imagine one or both of them might still spark Muslim-Christian debate in the comments section).

    First, I’d like to do a brief article on the curious parallels between variants of the Shema`, in Judaism, and variants of the Lord’s Prayer, in Christianity.

    Second, I’d like to do a somewhat longer piece on a possible ‘scientific hermeneutic’ approach to the first three chapters of Genesis (i.e. reinterpreting said texts in light of modern science to see to what extent they can be harmonized with modern scientific positions), occasionally showing old Rabbinic or Christian commentaries which may have anticipated some of the approaches I propose.

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  4. Shalom aleichem Denis. I was wondering where you had disappeared to! Hope you well. Could you do a piece on the Jesus and the keeping of the Torah & its implications on Salvation or lack of. Specifically, as to whether Jesus advocated the Pauline approach to the Torah (which I feel, alongside with Dr Taboor and Prof Robert Eisenman i.e the Pauline approach is contrary to Jesus & James) or he advocated keeping the Torah and it’s commandments. And if you are free a piece on the Ebionites and the Trinity. I know you are clearly busy. But we would love to get educated by someone like you!

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