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  1. I went to an all boys schools and I do not think that is the answer.


  2. I’m not sure what’s meant by this? Men and women shouldn’t mix? That’s going to create problems when it comes to the survival of the species!


  3. Proof? Don’t say “mohammed says so”. That’s not proof.


    • The Bible says so:

      “The land will mourn, every clan apart, the clan of the house of David apart, and their WIVES APART…” In this verse from Zechariah 12:12, the prophet imagines an apocalyptic future time when the Jewish people will gather together for a communal mourning.

      The Talmud in Sukkah 51b-52a cites this verse to support the gender separation instituted for a major annual festival at the Temple, and from this evolves a sense in the Jewish tradition that gender separation in public spaces is required and biblically supported, assuming there is an actual risk of frivolity or impropriety.

      The ultimate goal in spiritual prayer spaces is “maximising the seriousness, dignity, and intensity of those spaces”. This goal is something on which all religious communities can agree. One among many routes to getting there, is in regards to gender and separation.


    • The Bible says so:

      A person who simply “looks at a woman to desire her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28).


    • St. John Chrysostom says so:

      “What are you doing, O man? Are you being overly attentive concerning the women’s beauty, and you do not shudder at thus outraging the temple of God? Does the church seem to you to be a brothel, and less honorable than the marketplace? … It would be better for such men to be blind, for it is better for it is better to be diseased than to use the eyes for such purposes.

      It would be best if you had within yourself the wall to part you from the women. But since you do not desire this to be so, our fathers thought it necessary by these boards to wall you off. I hear from the elders that in the early times there was nothing like these partitions, “for in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female” [Galatians 3:28]. And in the Apostle Paul’s time also both men and women were together, because the men were truly men, and the women were truly women. But now it is altogether to the contrary: the women have urged themselves into the manners of courtesans, and the men are in no better state than frenzied horses. (Homily LXXIII on St. Matthew, NPNF 1:10)”


    • St. Hippolytus and the Apostolic Constitutions say so:

      And let the women stand praying by themselves in another part of the church, whether they be faithful women or women catechumens. But after they finish praying, let them not give the kiss of peace, for their kiss is not yet holy. Let the faithful indeed greet each other, the men with the men and the women with the women; but let the men not greet the women.

      St. Cyril of Jerusalem says so:

      He points out, the animals entering the Ark, do so with their own kind:
      “For though the ark was one, and the door was shut, yet had things been suitably arranged. If the church is shut, and you are all inside, yet let there be separation, men with men, women with women: lest the pretext of salvation become an occasion of destruction.”

      The orthodox Coptic Church says so:


    • Proof enough for you??

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    • Kevin3

      Don’t say “Jesus says so “. That’s is not proof either.

      But Jesus said this;

      and many more. Why not frown with Jesus for such bad things? Your hypocrisy is unimaginable. Your crocodile tears for unborn babies killed by Jesus Christ is ridiculous. Is Jesus not your role model?

      Luke 19:27

      New International Version
      But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.’

      Jesus called a woman dog.

      -Jesus ransacked people table and chairs to cause property damage and disorderly conduct

      -Jesus will come back and because he will have power, he will kill his enemies.

      and many more.

      You are not concerned about this but just to shed crocodile tears to for people in someone’s scripture. Charity begings at home. If you are realy sympathetic to people insulted and or killed, Jesus Christ will be the first you will rebuke.


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  4. The Bible says so…..is not circular reasoning to them !

    Yet, the Bible really says bad things concerning women in general.

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