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    • you know, a parent who continues to love a defiant child means that the parent is absolutely weak , you can’t apply this to God. when she brings up parent loving his child, it makes no sense when applied to God. is God weak and blind in love?

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  1. she asks “what did Allah do for you?”

    He did something greater than a violent and bloody ritual, He said He allows us to talk to Him .

    Allah gives Himself to talk to, on the other hand your god talks to you through a bloody ritual.

    Allah didn’t tell human that He is “born in sin”




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  2. Nothing wrong with two consenting adults being in a relationship.

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  3. Give up the obfuscation. It’s no slippery slope fallacy when your principle (nothing wrong if it’s two consenting adults) applies to the example that was provided.

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  4. For once I agree with Paul. Allowing this kicks open the door for those perverts who want to have sex with girls as young as nine. What’s next – marrying your own niece who also happens to be your stepson’s wife?


  5. > Of course it’s a fallacy

    Can you explain this bit?

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