Christian University Crowd Go Wild When Trump Introduced As “Man Who Bombed Middle East”

“Christians need to explain what they’re going to do about the widespread violent extremism problem within their community…

Seem unfair to ask every single Christian to explain? Welcome to the world of Muslims.”

See link:

“Christian university crowd goes wild when Trump introduced as ‘man who bombed Middle East'”

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  1. university is in Lynchburg, Virginia


  2. The Midle East, mind you, and not only Muslims.

    To paraphrase an old line from the crusades “Bomb them all and let God sort his own”
    Melkites, Meronites, Assyrians, Chaldeans…who cares?


  3. Christian Fundamentalists, Evangelists, teach militant doctrines that demand confrontation between Christianity and the worlds religions, in order to cause chaos and calamaties, and create the conditions for the Battle of Armageddon and usher in the Apocalypse and force the second coming of Jesus, all under the guise of “spreading the Gospel.”

    This book explains a lot about Christian thinking, and why so many Christians voted for Trump and cheered him as the above article mentions.

    “Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture … and Destruction of Planet Earth” by Grace Halsell

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  4. The American Evangelical Christians and most are called conservatives will choose their presidential candidate and tell him what they want him to do-follow their commandments they thought is from Jesus and implement it after elected.

    They chose and voted for Bush to go to war in the middle east. They chose and will support most of the republican candidates to carry their whims for them no matter how that candidate is away from Jesus Christ. These Christians don’t care, as far as he will carry their wish for them, they will vote for him.

    They use their extremism to cause problems in the world like in Iraq and blame it on Muslims. Is very bad.

    Jesus Christ detest arrogant people like Trump and ransacked their tables but Christians are voting for an arrogant person who always talk about himself.



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