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  1. My God look how miserable and uncomfortable everyone looks in this photo. Please also spare a thought for the poor Guinea pig that was forced to sit on donald trumps head during this photo shoot!

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  2. The pope face looks like a mafia boss about the carry ou a contract killing.

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  3. Although there was no formal request to wear the it, Melania and Ivanka chose not to recognize local Muslim customs, and dress protocol by voluntarily opting not to wear the headscarf, when actually wearing it would have been an nice token of respect to the people of that country and Muslims everywhere.

    On the other hand, Milania followed Vatican dress protocol wearing a black veil and long-sleeved black dress draped down to her calf. Any longer and it could have been called an abaya!

    It seems hypocritical that Melania and Ivanka chose to dress in reverence for Western Christianity but did not do the same for Muslim culture.

    According to some, an abaya and headscarf is seen as an oppressive sign of submission in the middle east, while in the Vatican it is just a nice part of Catholic and western culture.


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