My search for a debate with a Christian at Speakers Corner..

Today, as usual, I visited Speakers Corner. I bumped into my old friend (cough, cough) Lizzie, one of Jay Smith’s most devoted disciples. I asked what she and Jay would be talking about: Manchester and the Trinity. I immediately invited her to debate me there and then on the core Christian doctrine of the Trinitarian God. I could tell she was not keen, and said she would think about it (ie no!).

This brush off gave me an idea: I asked a brother with a camera to follow me around Speakers Corner to film me as I asked the Christian speakers for a debate. I approached Jay Smith who had just arrived. Would he debate me on the Trinity? No, he said. But why? He never debates the Trinity, he said. But you are a paid Christian missionary and you will not defend the central doctrine of Christianity in debate with a Muslim, I replied. Then he said twice: “Who are you?” “who are you?” implying I am a nobody and therefore why should he debate me?  (That was not an issue for the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, when he and I had a dialogue at the University of Cambridge on the person of Jesus).

So on I went with my cameraman in tow..

I approached several other known associates of Jay Smith but they all said no. Lastly I spoke to the diminutive figure of Hatun, one of the most fanatical Stormtroopers from Jay Smith’s Pfander ministry. She agreed! We had 3 minutes each. I started, and presented various proofs from the Bible that made it impossible to believe that Jesus was God (he denied he was God in Mark 10 for example).

Hatun’s argument? She spoke about Muhammad, his “sex life” and verses in the Qur’an. She mentioned the terror attack in Manchester. She did not mention the Trinity.

I hope my fruitless search for a debate with a Christian at Speakers Corner will be uploaded shortly. I’ll post it here when it is inshallah.




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  1. Very revealing.

    Hmm I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith thinks he is a bigger shot than Dr Rowan Williams. And by implication isn’t he not saying he thinks Lizzie Schofield, his Pfander subordinate, is a nobody as she has debated you!

    But Smith lives in his own echo chamber. He must have lost a few brain cells with all the pats on the head he gets in that chamber from anti-Islam folks who swell his ego because he says things they want to hear. Not only is he divorced from he reality of the fact he is a nobody in the study of Islam but he’s also inculcating the same delusions of grandeur into those under his wing

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  2. Lol, but isn’t that typical of these apologists? Deflections galore…

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  3. Hi Paul
    Why are you bothered about Trinity as far as you’re concerned its not true.

    And as for the text in Mark Jesus is not saying hes not God, but he is using the word in its absolute sense as it relates to God.

    Where in the text does Jesus say he is not God?

    Where in the text does Jesus say he is not good?


    • Mark 10:17-18

      The Rich Man

      As he was setting out on a journey, a man ran up and knelt before him, and asked him, ‘Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ 18 Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.


    • “Where in the text does Jesus say he is not God?

      Where in the text does Jesus say he is not good?”

      where in the text does it say that jesus is not an animal?
      why do you ask these silly questions?

      jesus says ONLY god is good and he is PART of the “no one is good”

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    • Jesus is the Quran is Holy. In the Bible Jesus is sinless too. So Jesus being that is not saying about self but man! Mark 10:17-18 Since th rich man call Jesus TEACHER which is equal to Pharisees who were making prejudgement about who were sinners and who were not! Jesus sets the religious sect that were traveling with him straight by saying ONLY GOD is Good-All man is sinful! This does NOT eliminates Jesus the GOOD shepherd.

      Muslims seems not to know that there own authentic sources point back in criticism at you. Sahih Bukari/Muslims both state Allah writes your life and status in you and one cubit from hannah WHAT WAS DECREEDED BY ALLAH WILL TAKE OVER and you will go to HELL and Vice versa! I would prefer to know jesus defending me the NONE IS GOOD not even the TEACHERS (pharisees) and that we all are equal than the ISLAMIC teaching that no matter what you do in wanting to be a good muslims allah has written your FUTURE and HEAVEN OR HELL without your CHOICE to accept WILLFULLY!


    • Are the Pharisees GOOD? Paul…Did not the Rich man ask GOOD TEACHER evaluating the TEACHER (pharisees) above other people? Jesus had the right to CORRECT THIS mistaken young man as the scripture does correct you!


  4. Brother Paul ASAK,

    I saw watched video of your discussions with Irish Christian in Hyde park and he was arguing with you about “if prophet was illiterate then how does he knew that the scribes were writing the Quran revelations correctly?”.

    Just to answer this, if you look at the verse in the Quran 66:3 where Allah is informing the prophets of the plan of his wife’s which they did not tell him. In the similar manner, if the scribes would have been writing incorrectly Allah SWT would have informed the prophet about that.



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