Blogging Theology ownership and running to be transferred…

Dear Blogging Theology readers

The daily traffic to Blogging Theology has been decreasing for many months now and has reached an all time low. 

The site has become a playground for Christians to take pot shots at Muslims and Islam. Missionaries like Paulus and Radical Moderate are energy drains and trolls so they don’t generate much serious interaction.  And I am literally financing them to do this out of my own pocket. 

The problem is not financial but ethical. Though they are banned they reappear under different names and email addresses. 

Above all, fewer and fewer people read the articles and comments according to the WordPress statistics making the effort to keep this site going increasingly pointless.

So I have decided to close the blog from tomorrow Tuesday 30th May. 


Paul Williams  



The ownership and running of this site is in the process of being transferred to other people. I wish them every success. 

Please note that the transfer has been complete.

We would like to thank Br. Paul Williams for his time, energy and efforts in developing Blogging Theology. He will always have a place waiting for him here. We now look forward to continuing blogging about theology.

Kindest Regards,
Blogging Theology.

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2 replies

  1. Who is running the blog now?
    Yayha Snow ?
    Burhaddin1 ?
    Discover the truth? (Flying Pir) ?
    Eric Bin Kisam?

    “Intellect” ?

    or all of them together and/or with others?

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  2. or Faiz
    or “Mr. Heathcliff” ?


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