Thank You, Paul!

Hi everyone, Salam Aleicum.

I hope you guys remember me, I wasn’t around for a while. I was very saddened to read that Paul will be stepping aside from this great site that he built and the respectful dialogues it created. As for me, this blog taught me a lot about Islam in general, and the modern Muslim in particular. I learned, thought, argued, defended, and studied thanks to Paul and this amazing blog. In a world so divided and with so much misunderstanding, this site was a small tiny bridge between races, peoples, faiths, and cultures.

I would also like to thanks Paul personally for honoring me by letting me take part in this wonderful project, I really appreciate it. Paul, don’t remember your experience here, by the names of the trolls who made you crazy. Rather look back to your stats and realize how many people and countries you reached, it’s simply mind-boggling. May Allah bless you with wherever you will be investing your creativity and energy and keep on spreading the knowledge of the True Only God.

Shalom from your Jewish [and Zionist] friend from Jerusalem


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  1. Agreed we we’ll miss you Paul

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  2. Hope you’ll stick around brother Paul, or at least visit from time to time.

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  3. This site has been indispensable in my life for almost a decade and Allah Knows how much I have learnt theology from you brother Paul. I fully understand your reason and you have every right to keep your priorities in your life right. Nevertheless I am glad that this site continue to run, pease stick around and comment at your convenient time brother, May Allah protects you always.

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  4. I love this blog. Goodbye Paul Williams. We’ll have tea in England when I go there one day.

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  5. Jazakallahkheir Br Paul for all your contributions toward sharing valuable and beneficial knowledge and humour

    Totally respect your decision and agree with Br Eric

    May Allah The Most Loving unite us all in Junnah.


    Takecare and have a wonderful Ramadan

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  6. Paul,
    Thanks for all your tireless and hard efforts on this blog. I think it has been an invaluable service in the benefit of Islam, as you have helped teach many Muslims how to engage in an increasingly more sophisticated level of polemics and apologetics. I hope that those who now assume ownership of the blog will continue to “blog theology” from a Muslim point of view. I hope you will still be involved in someway, (speaking, debating, contributing content, writing, authoring books, etc.) as your vast knowledge in the field should not go to waste.

    My best Ramadan wishes to you in the future.

    Salaamu alaykum, wa jazakallahu Khair!

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  7. Mozer G and the rest.

    Don’t worry, In sha Allah this blog has come to stay for ever till judgement day in sha Allah. It has gone through rough times but continues to survive due to the fact that it is a site of truth where every one can express his feelings. Christians calling our prophets names. Other faiths have authorship authorities to write whatever the want.

    Long live Paul Williams and more grease to the the new owners. I know Paul Will help in maintaining his creativity i.e. the bloggingtheology. He will be like Apple founders who left and came to make the company great. It is an interesting site and no two ways about that. We learn a lot from here.

    Mozer G. my Zionist friend, you can help keep the blog going by writing good articles about Judaism and so are all the writers. I will always be a contribute r in the comment section In Sha Allah.


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  8. Thank you so much br Paul for all the work you have done , you’ve really helped me to understand my religion much more. Hope the best for you

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  9. so long Paul Williams. ..

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  10. Thanks brother Paul Williams.

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  11. Who owns/runs and moderates the blog now? It would be helpful to know, thank you.

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  12. Wa aleikum salam, Mozer.

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  13. why was everyone bidding farewell to Paul?


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