Why Speakers Corner Does Not Work (Often?)

As somebody who has watched a lot of SC videos I think these two clips serve as a microcosm of much of the Muslim-Christian interaction that gets posted online.

A Christian, Richard Zetter, simply asked his co-religionists to allow Adnan Rashid to speak because he was interested in hearing a Muslim answer. To my amazement, Godwin tells Richard he may as well be on the other [Muslim] side. For the Full video see the SC Dawah channel.

In this collection of clips the Christian lady, Lizzie Schofield in this instance but it could have been Hatun or Beth Grove, is basically told she is being rude and shouting. Paul eventually gives up and walks off.

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  1. I think it depends on the goal you have in mind. In my opinion, every time Lizzie, Beth and co. go hysterical at their interlocutors who remain calm and patient, they expose themselves for what they truly are before thousands of viewers on Youtube.

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  2. Will Paul Williams please publish his book? Please. Could he not get the help of IERA?


  3. Well My Work here is done lol


  4. I can’t speak for every video as I have only one, but in the one video I did see, I saw people – from both sides – talking over each other and interrupting each other.

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