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  1. It seems clear that Shamoun is not really looking for debate, if he won’t even allow critical voices in his chat room.

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    • True he challenges everyone to debates, but when the time comes Sam Shamoun can’t be found.

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    • You can’t even say I had a voice, I entered, he challenged me to debate him then and there, in the text chat I told him I came to listen, and he banned me. It’s pretty simple, his behaviour hasn’t changed, he wants to moderate and debate at the same time, that will never fly with any professional debater and he knows that.


  2. The good thing is Glory to thee recorded me challenging you to debate, where you then backed down in the text like a coward saying you were only there to listen, which is why you were bounced,. But hey you can’t be any better than your god and profit which is why you lie with such ease. So keep running off your mouth, or your finger tips and watch what we keep doing to your profit.


    • Where did I lie?

      I came into the room, told you I was there to listen in the text chat. You don’t get debates by banning people for listening, which is again, one of the reasons no one is debating you. Simple.

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    • Sam please do not insult the God of Jesus (Allah is the /gd who Jesus prayed to just like how Muslims pray to God) and don’t insult the brother of Jesus (Prophet Muhammad, see Mark 3:35)

      Insult Ijaz all you like as he is the James White’s buddy (the man who put the final nail in your career’s coffin) 🙂

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    • Why is SS allowed to insult anyone here?


    • your pathetic word “profit” exposed the piece of slime that you are. the fake resurrection story the christians invented made quite a lot of profit.

      if you can’t produce the meat, then produce the money to keep the lie going. profit, profit and profit.


  3. His personal Jesus blesses internet connections?


    • burhanuddin, we don’t know what exactly he is asking to bless internet connection .

      do you know what he is asking? i don’t know what or who he is asking.

      to further the confusion, let me quote the following

      quote :

      Good questions. Philosophers and theologians have often tried to explain and clarify the idea of Jesus being fully God and fully human, but the idea still seems very strange to me. One theory is that Jesus had two minds, a divine mind that was omniscient, and a human mind that was NOT omniscient. But then Jesus becomes a strange person with multiple personality disorder.

      What if the divine mind thinks: “Don’t eat that meat, you will get food poisoning from it!” but the human mind thinks: “That meat looks tasty and I’m hungry, so I should have some of that meat now.” Which mind does Jesus “obey”?

      If he is fully human, then he ought to follow the thinking of the mind with limited knowledge, just like us ordinary folk. But then if Jesus always follows his finite mind with limited knowledge, then of what use or significance is his infinite omniscient divine mind? The divine mind would be just like a little computer running inside his head, but that had no connection with his thinking.

      On the other hand, if Jesus follows the thinking of his divine mind, then he is nothing like us ordinary human beings, because he knows every detail about every object and every event that exists, and can draw perfectly logical conclusions from that massive store of knowledge and do so in an instant.



  1. The Art of Debating by Sam Shamoun | kokicat

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