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  1. # get real


  2. For God sake, when do those people get real?
    They have been invading other nations for decades, and they are the ones who brought many people to Europe to serve them. Let’s not forget that they had stolen nations’ raw materials and riches.
    Why would they complain now?
    I can give example how Europe’s stability got established, which most politicians and thinkers in the west know how as a matter of fact.
    Why do those “civilized” people become so stupid when it comes to this issue?

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  3. It’s a fact that the western countries with the most generous immigration policy are also those who have the strongest economies. Sweden and Germany are good examples of that.


  4. Could someone arrange a debate/Dialogue (on Skype) between David Duke and Paul Williams about Islam, Multiculturalism? I feel Duke would be more willing to listen to a fellow Caucasian Englishman. Yayha snOW?

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  5. I really can’t wrap my head around why these types have such a problem with multiculturalism. Anyone?



  1. Paul Williams Responds to David Duke (the Christian? Ex KKK guy) | kokicat

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