James White Follows the Money! Cui Bono?

Here it is. Dr James White has said what we have been saying for years. The Islamophobic Christians who spend their days scaremongering against Muslims are out to line their pockets. Not with dust. But with $$$.

Dr White will be attacked ferociously if he continues with this rhetoric. Attacked by Christians in the islamophobia industry. Whilst others in that industry will be all silent and hot under the collar hoping this storm passes soon as nervous wrecks not wanting to be named. Quiet as door mice!


I will name a few names who will be a little uncomfortable right now. Bassim GorielDavid Wood, Usama Dakdok, Walid Shoebat, Jay Smith, Sam Shamoun, Joseph Najm, Robert Spencer, Ted Shoebat, Bill Warner, Pam Geller, Christian Prince, etc..

All those people use fear-mongering against Muslims to varying degrees. They have vested cash interests in Islamophobia.

How wild-eyed Christian Islamophobes like Usama Dakdok, David Wood, Joseph Najm and Beth Grove may be contributing to Christian apostasy figures

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  1. In $$$ they trust, but in God we trust…

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  2. May Allah punish them, and expose them.

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