How has this Muslim Apologist Frightened Jay Smith?

I got banned from commenting on Jay Smith’s FB page. This was my comment. IMG_4458.PNG

And I also sent him a PM with a link to my work responding to him whilst inviting him to online dialogue:

Hello Dr Smith

It’s nice to have you on FB. We would love to invite you to some of our online debates and discussions. In case you don’t know, I’m the guy who writes blogs and makes vids responding to some of your polemics. I write for Blogging Theology (actually I am a co-owner of that blog now) as well as my own.

Let me know if you’d like some dialogue interaction. Here’s some of the material there. I care about you even though you believe Jesus will come back with s sword and kill me. I really want you to see the love of pure abrahamic monotheism.

Here’s my blog section (scroll through to the older posts – enjoy 😊.

Jay Smith does not seem to have much confidence in his arguments

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    • Yahya,
      Part of the initial FB comment, is cut off. I’m not sure that you clearly explained what your comment was in response to and why would Jay ban you because of it? Can you clarify what exactly frightened Jay about your comment? is it the quote from Mark 3:35? or just the idea of Muslims and Christians behaving together?

      Also according to the Queen’s English Grammar Guide….the word “Ain’t” ain’t a word. 🙂


    • Ain’t is a word. It’s an old word. Oldler thsn the queen. Let me show you 🙂't


    • Then my high school English teacher was wrong. But it still is not good to use in formal context, as it does not lend credence to intelligent discourse.

      Other than that, I love your work brother….. and I ain’t lying!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t even send him this message in reaction to his panic-driven actions.

    Brother Jay, I’m disappointed you removed my comment and banned me from commenting. Do you want to be the brother of Jesus? If yes please don’t ban Muslim who are reaching out and showing you the problems in your arguments. Surely honesty and scholarship matters more than church tradition?

    The internet has seen a lot of Christian missionaries come home and realise there are issues with Christianity. I hope you’re one of them too. I truly love you. Love ❤️ and really want you to come on home to pure abrahamic monotheism. Please don’t cordon yourself off and remain in your echo chamber. I’ve helped many Christians to see truths through online polemics. I want you to be one.

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  2. “Dr Smith” lol

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