I visited Regents Park Mosque yesterday..

I am very fortunate indeed to live close to this beautiful and significant mosque in central London.

I bought this fascinating book which is a commentary on an amazing hadith. Bukhari records on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa salam) said,

“Your actions alone will not save any of you.” They asked, ‘Messenger of Allah, not even you?’ He replied, “Not even me, unless Allah were to envelop me in His mercy. Be firm; steadfast and balanced; and journey [to Allah] in the beginning of the day, and the portion of the latter part of the night. Moderation, moderation! Through this you will attain your goal!”


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  1. Brother Paul I’ve seen a video of you debating against some hate preachers, macha’Allah you’ve shown truth and intelligence, may Allah swt reward you with more knowledge in this dunya and Jennah in akhira !


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