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  1. the fear mongering against Muslims is how the critics of White treat Muslims. They fuel islamophobia. https://youtu.be/WSbs92t9IzA

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  2. I watched that video that he did with the muslim guy.

    The controversy seems to arise from his calling him “mentor” and “kindred spirit”


  3. I don’t see that White did anything wrong myself. After all we are commanded to love our enemies. That is exactly what he did. He did not compromise any truth of the scriptures to my knowledge. There is no biblical imperative that I know of that requires us to exclude non-Christians from friendly discussion. The opposite is the case. White sees dialogue as an opportunity to communicate the gospel. If that means the other side has the opportunity to present their beliefs so what, what is the problem with that?

    Perhaps some Christians only want to see inter-faith discussion in the context of a confrontational dialogue. Otherwise they see the danger that credibility is given to the Islamic truth claims. Being “over friendly” towards Islam was perhaps the price that White had to pay to gain his sought-for insights from this Imam.

    Some would question if this price is worth paying as we already know what we need to know about Islam from its own writings and those who have studied them. So inviting Imams to such events would only give them the chance to give us a false version of Islam as the argument goes. Decide for yourself.


  4. White said, talking about consistency, around the 60 min mark :

    “my arguments have to be representative of what the other side is saying”

    I couldn’t quite get this at first but what I think he means is “my arguments have to be in response to what is representative of what the other side is saying”.

    Perhaps he has come to the conclusion that what Wood, Shamoun, Spencer et al are giving us is not the real Islam that Muslims themselves believe. Of course he got the expected flack for this.


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