The Zoo: a symbol of human atrocity

Warning, it’s a negative post. Because we’re all missing some negativity these days. I would also be interested to learn what Islams viewpoint is on animals and nature in general in this context. Enjoy


The Zoo: the place for anyone who loves nature, animals, beauty, art, poetry, creation and diversity. It is where we can listen in to the song of the universe, the harmony of birds chirping, lions roaring, bears growling, monkeys laughing, and that sound of elephants spraying water with their trunks.

But rather than feeling inspired, my trip to the zoo last week left me sad, angry and frustrated. The zoo is nothing us humans should be proud of, it is a display of the very worst traits in our character. 

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  1. Shalom Honorable Rabbi, please bring attention to this shocking video from your colleague, Rabbi Tovia Singer, thanks. If you post it on your website, many people shall be educated! Have a nice day!

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  2. Some zoos are certainly not above cruel practices, but zoos are also centres for educating people about animals and their environment, and many are active in conservation efforts.


    • I didn’t say they’re physically abusing the animals, quite to the contrary. The animals are well fed and healthy. It is emotional and spiritual abuse. And I don’t think it’s educational to show children a lion eating grass. Either take the children to the Amazon, Yellowstone, Africa, or let them watch Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, National Geographic and others who film these amazing creatures on their turf. That’s real education.
      Thanks for your input…


    • Like I said, zoos are also involved in conservation efforts, and they often lead the way in educating people about animals and how to protect their environments.


    • Not to mention the “emotional and spiritual abuse” that Palestinian HUMAN BEINGS suffer in the cage of occupation (both figurative and literal) that Israel has built around them.

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  3. I think that any kind and tender sentiment that Jews express today (even if we may agree), will always be overshadowed by the “human atrocity” of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. And that is truly a shame for all humans and especially Jews.

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    • richard carrier is an atheist and no friend of Islam, but he has this to say :

      Meanwhile, if you think causation works the way you propose, then it actually goes back to Israel: Hamas is only supported in Gaza because Israel blockades Gaza, preventing all trade and thus destroying the Gaza economy and leaving basic supplies in short demand, and some essential infrastructure supplies completely forbidden. For example, Gaza can’t rebuild bombed schools without concrete, but Israel has blockaded all attempts to deliver building supplies, on the argument that they will be used for evil purposes.

      Imagine if Libya did that to the U.S.: cut off all our trade routes for years on the argument that we only use what we buy to attack them, resulting in 50% unemployment and massive shortages of food and medicine and basic infrastructure supplies, even preventing us from fishing; you might be firing rockets with Hamas.

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    • the spin, long time contributor at biblical criticism forum, has visited syria, israel, pakistan and many muslims countries has this to say :


  4. You mean much in the same way whatever positive things a Muslim may say will always be overshadowed by the extremists?

    However we would all hopefully say that it assumes a false equivocation between those who are peaceful and those who are not.

    Darth made this point already but zoos are not all bad, especially as more of the natural habitat of some of these animals are being destroyed. At least at the moment something can be preserved until hopefully a long term solution can be devised.

    With that in mind would not be best to set a good example in our own lives to try and make the world a slightly better place. I feed hedgehogs 😁


    • Free gaza

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    • Burhanuddin1

      Free Gaza? You must be kidding. Israel is taking Al Aqsa Mosque through the help of King Abdullah of Jordan like his father(King Abdullah) did when he handed Palestine to the Zionists. Gaza is starving to death but resilient residents are striving to be alive and stay in their country.

      The Israelis are trying to control the Al Aqsa Mosque by closing it down and installing metal detectors and cameras. The Palestinians are struggling to bring the status quo back. The Arab leaders are not doing anything to help. This self interest among the Arab leaders is why Israel won the wars with them and will always win and continue its occupation.

      Blame the Arab leaders more than Israel.


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