I gave a talk at the Islamic Circle today. I took these pics afterward in the prayer hall. 

London Central Mosque this afternoon120257945_10155980931893465_1460937264861380119_n20257942_10155980931803465_4962814731123862032_n20229398_10155980932328465_5975704786756290344_n20245594_10155980931888465_1797856364442665612_n20258472_10155980932268465_2657313248758028291_nI did some filming with brother Hussain Thomas (on the left). Watch out for the film on Dawah Digital!   20228908_10155980932753465_5471178630983268958_n20264801_10155980932288465_6636908373988134626_n

Categories: Beauty, Islam, London

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  1. Beautiful, Mashallah!

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  2. great pictures, can’t wait to see the film


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