Preacher Complaining About James White, Mike Licona and Richard Zetter

This preacher is saying Christians who teach the ending of Mark and the story of the adulteress as additions to the NT are “compromising” and making Christianity look “stupid”. He goes on to talk about M.A and PhD students at Speakers Corner who he is not happy about either.

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  1. the guy is an embarrassment.

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  2. I agree with him.

    On balance White and the others mentioned are a disaster for the Christian-Islamic discussion.

    If you have to sacrifice one truth to state another then don’t bother.


  3. He doesn’t mention Zetter by name. How do you know he is referring to him in connection with the heretical doctrines mentioned?


    • He spoke about PhD and MA students at SC speaking for Christianity. It’s definitely not Smith, Hatun Tash or Lizzie Schofield.

      An educated guess would say he’s talking about Richard and his friend/s.

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  4. So you insinuate that Zetter has been accused of heresy on the strength of an educated guess.

    That doesn’t surprise me on this blog.

    Modern textual criticism has proved nothing but White and others side with their pseudo- scientific claims. I don’t see any evidence that Zetter is not an orthodox Calvinist.

    Otherwise I have no problem with White apart from his apologetic views on Islam and the view that basically we cannot depend on the kjv to be a faithful translation of the inspired original. We don’t need White and others to tell us what the bible is. We can buy it and read it for ourselves.

    Dean Burgon has not been refuted as the guy in the video said.


  5. Other way round, actually.


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