We’re here for you O Al-Aqsa, we’re here for you

As Al-Aqsa mosque / Bayt Al-Muqaddas / Beyt Ha-Miqdas was defiled once again, the church of the Holy Sepulcher enjoined the call to stand by her:

‘We’re here for you O Al-Aqsa, we’re here for you.

Al Aqsa , kanisah Al Qiyamah.png

Labbaik Yaa Aqshoo Labbaik ! 


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  1. May Allah protect Al-Aqsa. Ya Rabb !

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    • Aamiin ya Rabb ! :’-(


    • Peace Be With You Teacher of Righteousness Eric bin Kisam, I wish to approach you with 2 issues that are so important for Christians and Muslims and especially me, in discerning the truth. Number 1 is the ”Epistle of Straw”, a term coined by Martin Luther for the Epistle of James, attributed to James the Just but scholars doubt that Ya’quv as Zadiq (Islam does not seem to acknowledge his existence, the Qur’an is silent on him) could even write Aramaic let alone Greek but that is another point. This Epistle seems to contravene the Pauline Theology and Martin Luther thought so as well. Dr James Whites Ministry says the following :

      ”It is true Luther had a contextual problem with the content on James. He saw a contradiction between Paul and James on faith and works. ”


      I seem to think that, but why would not ”James” just mention Paul by name so doubts could be removed? Since Protestants have offered some reconciliations of James and Paul. Bart Ehmran does say the Ebionites explictly mentioned Paul as an Arch Heretic and an enemy of James and he does admit that the Ebionites **could in all probability** be the true heirs of James and therefore the True heirs of the Historical Jesus. Even though the Ebionites are regarded as ”heretical” by the orthodoxy, they actually precede the orthodoxy and just because you are labelled as a ”heretic” by a more politically powerful enemy does not count for anything. James 2 seems to contradict Romans 4 but others believe that James was addressing Ephesians! I hope you could write on this to clear the doubts, I am not entirely sure! I have some links down below, I would really and many others would love to see something definitive so we can know who to follow. I would definitely accept Islam if a serious doctrinal difference [s] between James and Paul could be proven! Professor Greg Carey claims :

      ”We don’t know for sure whether James and Paul were adversaries or whether they worked together to solve problems of mutual concern. We do know that Paul invented neither “Christianity” nor the mission to Gentiles.”


      I am an old lady, not sure how long I have! Do post your stuff as usual for all to see, so that many may benefit! The following does persuasively argue that James and Paul do not contradict and this website (I believe) is a Ministry that converts Muslims in Islamic Lands to Christianity! There is a Proffessor by the Name of Faouzi Arzouni who converted to Christianity and is actively and deceptively converting Muslims to Christianity! Here is the Final Link:


      My other concern is about Gnosticism and its relation with Early Christianity. Dillon notes that Gnosticism raises questions about the development of early Christianity. According to Perkins, Gnostic Christians and proto-orthodox Christians had a broadly shared terminology, and were initially hard to distinguish from each other. Could you put some light on this as well? If it can be proven that Chrisitianity came from Gnosticism this would destroy the Christian faith. But I think it is more important to address the Paul Vs James controversy first! I mentioned it so that if I forgot, you would not young man! Pray for me. Thanks!


    • Peace be upon you SoT,

      I hope I can understand you correctly, even though it is unrelated to my post I thank your for your comment.

      I will address your 1st point, I believe the Quranic narrative of salvation which emphasis on devotion to God alone (taqwa) and benevolent toward other humans (maw’idzah hasanah) — salvation through grace of God *and* good works — , not “faith alone,” as in the Protestant understanding of Pauline Christianity very much in sync with previous revelation as in Judaism and subsequent Jewish Christianity as reflected in the Epistle of James. Protestantism theology that doing “good works” or obedience to God was not necessary for salvation is at odd with with anything that God had revealed to His prophets through Adam till Muhammad peace be upon them all

      The vitriolic conflict within christendom about the issue of salvation highlight the shaky foundations of the new testament canon, I see irreconcilable differences between Pauline writings and the canonical gospels, any attempt to harmonize the difference save a little to hide this fact. (By the way I have read Arzouni works in unchangingwords, I dont think his works convincing at all, to my research he was no scholar of Islam or arabic he has never had an Islamic education, he is just of lebanese shia descent who happened to get lured to christianity in his young age and thus make a living out of his conversion).

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    • Allahu Akbar

      The Palestinian Christians, Muslims and Jews have managed to sack Israel, their metal detectors and cameras from Al Aqsa Mosque. The Palestinians had some blood to shed through Israel shooting and killing and injuring them. Gallant Palestinians. God Bless you. We know you will protect Al Aqsa as always. May Allah reward you especially to those who have been killed by the brutal Zionist.


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