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  1. Keep it up. We pray you get a TV station in the near future. Ameen.

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  2. Paul Williams, could you publish your book please sir? I wish to read it. I am sure someone on IERA or some agency can get it published. Please sir. Do not do this, hiding your gems!! Please! Peace Be With You and Pray that I find the Truth. I wish to be in Paradise.

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    • inshallah


    • Thank you sir. I appreciate it. I hope the book is nice and fat, a real babe! I like my books thick. And a quick chapter on why the Qur’an is, when objectively compared with the Bible, is the word of God and the Bible by comparison is not; so we can all see the truth about that which we so often debate and think about. Maybe a forward by Anthony Buzzard or Shabbir! Let’s get creative!


    • I have read his book sister. A very devastating blow to the trinity it was. Wow was all my tongue could say when I was done.


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