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  1. Except the Pharisees & chief priests and Sanhedrin Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah.

    (except for the 1st century ethnic Jewish disciples, Jesus’ disciples, Saul of Tarsus, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arithemea, 120 brethren in Acts 2, 500 brethren in I Cor. 15:5 etc.)

    Whereas Islam came 600 years later and admitted Jesus is the Messiah ( Al Masih / المسیح ) and born of the virgin Mary – Surah 3:45-47; 19:16-21; 21:91

    The unbelieving Jews rejected both of those truths that Islam accepts about Jesus, so Hans Kung is not right – also, he was disciplined by the Roman Catholic Church for teaching against R. Catholic doctrine & dogma.


  2. “considered by many”…I’m not part of the many. I usually asks Priests when I meet them who their favorite theologians are. His name has never come up. This is true for both Novus Ordo and Traditionalist Priests.


    • he is undoubtedly appreciated by many priests in London. He is hugely popular in Germany amongst Catholics.

      His significance here lies in his acute insight into the connection between Jewish christianity and the Quran’s Christology.



  1. Quranic Christology and Jewish history | kokicat

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