Speakers’ Corner today: far-right activist Jack Buckby storms off in a big huff when challenged.

At Speakers’ Corner today I bumped into notorious far-right activist Jack Buckby. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman before but I recognised him instantly from his media appearances. I engaged him in conversation and learnt that though he is barred from joining Ukip he has recently been assisting anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters in her bid to become Leader of Ukip. He told me that he regards British Muslims as a ‘dangerous fifth column’ and in his view it is Islam that is the root cause of terrorism. I asked him what evidence he had for this view.

He claimed that Muhammad had ordered the killing of 700 Jews from the Banu Qurayzah tribe. He offered no context to this incident and seemed oblivious to the full story.

As Kaleef K. Karim concludes in a recent article Re-Examining Banu Qurayzah Incident:

‘The evidences shown proves that the Banu Qurayza broke the pact they had and sided with enemy against the Muslims. They attacked Muslims, waged war against the Muslims. They armed Quraysh (and other enemies) with weapons and provisions against the Muslims. The Banu Qurayza waging-war against Muslims is mentioned in many authentic Hadiths, but sadly the sources do not give us any more details where this battle took place. However, given these facts, we can safely state that, what those treacherous Banu Qurayza warrior-men got was justice of the highest order demanded for them to be their fate.’

Having explained the full story in context to Jack Buckby he quickly changed the subject and got very emotional and animated about the scandal of girls abused by men predominantly from Pakistani-British backgrounds. He seemed to think these crimes had something to do with the teaching of Islam, but when I challenged him he could not provide any evidence.

I said that his deliberate demonisation of Muslims bore a striking resemblance to the way the Nazis singled out another vulnerable minority, the Jews. At this point he got very offended indeed and stormed off in a big far-right huff. Bless.


At Speakers’ Corner today I bumped into a notorious far-right activist Jack Buckby where I took his photo. 

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  1. Good work br Paul.

    See this on the “grooming” issue,

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  2. MashaAllah brother.

    The Truth hurts. Especially in a Post-truth world…

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  3. After the other jewish tribe had been banished and plundered Mohammed obviously could not be trusted. So they had every right to seek an alliance for their self-defence.


  4. Is there a video of this discussion?


  5. Great pick up. Wow, wonder what Buckby was doing there. I think most people at SC would not have known who he was. Bet he was taken by surprise in being challenged publicly.

    Jack Buckby is featured in the beginning of this video demonising refugees as rapists amd the Ch4 anchor compares his tactics of propaganda with those of ISIS

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  6. Jack Buckby/Jay Smith/Patrick Huytton/Hateun etc – all the same. Hate hate hate.

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  7. “details please.”

    How’s about the following link for starters:



    • Madamanna, your lies have been exposed.

      You claimed falsely that:

      ‘After the other jewish tribe had been banished and plundered Mohammed obviously could not be trusted. So they had every right to seek an alliance for their self-defence.’

      You linked to an essay that though it is evidently hostile to the Islamic story gets the basic facts right:

      ‘Some of the Jewish exiles, chief among them being the above-mentioned Ḥuyayy, had stirred up the Ḳuraish and other Arab tribes against Mohammed, and they persuaded the Banu Ḳuraiẓa to join them in their plans. Mohammed, however, succeeded in making the Jews and their Arab allies suspicious of each other; and the allies, who had been besieging Medina, suddenly departed in the midst of a storm, thus leaving the Ḳuraiẓa unsupported. Mohammed marched against them, claiming to have received a special revelation to that effect, and laid siege to their fortress, which was a few miles to the southeast of the city. They surrendered after a month’s siege, without having risked a fight. Their fate was left to the decision of Sa’d ibn Mu’adh of the tribe of Aus, who, in spite of the pleading of his own tribe, condemned the men to death and the women and children to slavery. The sentence was executed’

      It correctly describes the treachery of the Banu Ḳuraiẓa when they joined those who sort to kill Muhammad.

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    • Madman is exposed and schooled again! Lol!

      What a loser!

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    • He certainly seems to have chosen the right name for himself… you know what Einstein said about madness, after all…

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    • @ quranandbibleblog

      if you think so, so why you are not giving your self and him and us a favor, and stop talking offensive. think about if they way you talk is an islamic way of talking. If you know that you are upon the truth you should start developing an islamic attitude in speaking and writing. This is from high importance for you and for the dawa.

      ‘Madman is exposed and schooled again! Lol!
      What a loser!’


  8. “You linked to an essay that though it is evidently hostile to the Islamic story gets the basic facts right: ”

    The basic facts were that the remaining Jewish tribes of Medina had seen the others decimated and banished, and lucky to get away with their lives and freedom. This is described in the article I linked to.

    And the other Jews were supposed to just passively and patiently wait for their turn to be attacked by Mohammed and his followers. That seems to be what you are saying.


  9. The first two jewish tribes were reduced to destitution and sent in to the desert to fend for themselves. Pregnant women and small children included.

    Quote: “He (Mohammed) began with the Banu Ḳainuḳa’, who were goldsmiths, and lived by themselves in a fortified suburb. He first summoned them to accept his religion, and they refused. Soon a pretext was found for an open attack. A Moslem girl was insulted by a Jew of the Banu Ḳainuḳa’; the Jew was killed by a Moslem, and the latter in turn was killed by the brothers of the murdered Jew.”

    Why did Mohammed attack the Jews after the blood money was equalized?

    Quote: “Mohammed immediately marched against the Banu Ḳainuḳa’ and besieged them in their stronghold. After a siege of fifteen days they surrendered, and their lives were spared only at the urgent request of Abdallah ibn Ubai, the influential leader of the Arab opposition, whose pleading Mohammed dared not ignore. Being allowed to leave the country, they emigrated toward the north.”

    Am I supposed to find these actions laudable?


  10. It is right to break a treaty if it is deemed necessary to do so as a means of self-defence.

    The Jews probably saw Mohammed’s first attack upon them as a breach of the treaty after which they were not obliged to keep it’s terms.

    How did the Jewish tribe that was the object of Mohammed’s first attack against the Medinan Jews break their treaty with him?

    Can you give me an answer without a link if possible? We’re all here to learn.


  11. “Banu Qaynuqa broke the treaty and helped the Quraysh in war against the Muslims as well,”

    How did they break the treaty? Because they lifted a woman’s dress as a prank in the market place?

    Because they valued the life of a Jew to be as much worth as the life of a Muslim?

    What was the causus belli to justify an attack?

    Why can’t you tell me here?

    Mohammed was threatening them with judgement from Allah because they rejected him. They knew what that meant. Why did they not have the right to look for help?


  12. Boy seriously with all due respect your logic is pathetic to be honest…


    • Madmanna, seriously did you even bother to read the articles, i mean seriously it’s clearly written that they took up arms…

      You said that Muhammad was threatening them, can you give me the narration please? And by the way do you even know the real meaning and importance of an agreement?

      I’m eagerly waiting for your reply


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