Three Christian Objections and Muslim Responses: History


Muslims think:Christian Objection:Muslim Response:Christian Action:
Jesus (peace be upon him) is not a god but a prophet (of Submission to Allah – i.e. Islam)Qur’an came 600 years after Jesus (peace be upon him) so it is less reliable than the sayings of St Paul (together with the gospels)If Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a prophet, it is irrelevant that the Qur’an came 600 years afterwards in terms of reliability. Reliability is derived from his being a prophet of God.Determine by researching a plurality of histories (not just anti-Muslim ones!) about Muhammad (peace be upon him) to decide was he actually a prophet. Does he share similar traits as the prophets from the Old Testament? Some have commentated that there are remnants of prophecies about him in the Bible itself (see here). If he is a Prophet – which he clearly was…

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  1. Another good post by ModWestMuse!! Thanks for reposting here.

    I want to encourage ModWestMuse to continue blogging. I enjoy reading the content there, and especially appreciate the Islamic apologetical works such as those on Hadeeth, and Qur;an, (i.e. Birmingham manuscript) etc.

    Keep up the good work!!



  1. Three Christian Objections and Muslim Responses: History | kokicat

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