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  1. Trudeau has been very accepting and supportive of Muslims in Canada. He stood in solidarity with Muslims while Trump spread hate. He gave one of the most pro-Muslim speeches by any Western head of state. He joined the Muslim community for prayer at a mosque. He has addressed the Muslims with greetings on Islamic Holidays, and refused to use the occasion as a springboard to talk about divisive politics in the middle east etc. He supported Muslims’ right to pray at school, and has generally made Muslims in Canada feel like a welcome and accepted part of society.

    Sorry to see Trudeau supporting Abortion and I agree with Paul W. on that. But at the same time, lets not forget the things that he was right about, and the good things he has done as well.

    We should all that pray he will change his stance on abortion, inshallah.

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    • Canada has a long history of welcoming Muslims. It’s been like that before Trudeau. My hometown has the oldest mosque in North America. Growing up, my local member of Parliament was an Ismaili Muslim. I even once saw a roundtable discussion on television with Shabir Ally, Tarek Fatah and a few other Canadian Muslims and they said that Muslims are welcomed here and fit in more than any other Western country. The cultural tension that exists in many places in Europe and a few places in America doesn’t exist in Canada, or only to a super small extent. At the Catholic school that I attended growing up, there were Muslims enrolled. With the exception of Japanese Canadians during WWII, Canada has always respected and cherished its immigrant populations.

      As for abortion, that is typical here. The Conservative party under Harper was pro-choice as well.


    • Allan,
      That is nice to hear about Canada, it sounds like such a welcoming country.

      I understand that the oldest mosque in North America is the “Mother Mosque of America” in Cedar Rapids Iowa, built in 1934, which is the second oldest after the Mosque built in Ross, North Dakota built in 1929. If you are referring to the Al Rashid Mosque in Edmonton, although it was originally expected to be the first Mosque in North America, it wasn’t actually built until 1938 after the other two had already been built.. It would be nice to visit that mosque though, and I am thankful that the Canadian people of Edmonton had the kind heart to save the building and preserve the history.


    • Yeah, I just looked it up on Wikipedia after I wrote that and found the same thing. In Edmonton growing up they used to always tell us that it was the oldest, probably for pride purposes, but it was certainly one of the first. I even heard(I don’t know if this is true) that the Mosque was visited by Yusuf Ali, who is a well known theologian and known for his English translation of the Quran. There are other very old(1940s and 50s) Muslim communities in my province. Also, the city I live in now is 5% Muslim but they’re pretty recent, so 20-30 year old community.


  2. Allen,
    Either way, it is a nice historical piece in your city, and I am sure it is a source of Pride for Muslims in Canada, as well as everywhere.

    I also found this fact about Yusuf Ali:
    “In December 1938 while on tour to promote his translation, Ali helped to open the Al-Rashid Mosque, the third mosque in North America, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdullah_Yusuf_Ali


    • Ah so it is true. The Mosque is actually located in Fort Edmonton Park which is the old trading post area of the city down in the river valley. Edmonton is only about 130 years old and if you go to the Park, you can see the Mosque and the oldest parts of the city, though it’s very new by English standands(I’m assuming you’re a Brit). No 1000 year old stuff, lol.


    • Interesting. I am not a Brit. Arab-American, of Syrian ancestry. I appreciate all history, no matter how old.


  3. all muslims in western countries should leave them. this is not a racist statement, but the islamic ruling. the ruling of hijra is, that it is mustahab for all and wajib for all who are scared about their religion or not able to show their religion openly. most muslims think as long they are not send to prision for saying la illaha ilALlah. that whould meen that they would be able to live their religion openly. this is wrong. completly wrong. the truth is as the scholars like shaykh farkus, shaykh khalik abu abd. al Ala. or like shaykh muhammad ibn hadi or shaykh al albani said. is: if a muslims is starting to enter into contradiction in any type of contradiction towards sharia, yani if is entering haram or if he claiming wrong thinks about Islam, he has to return to the Muslim countries! Yani if you start making compromizes, you have to leave! Now the Muslims have 100 doubts about that and 100 excuses why they cant. as the scholars also said, if you cant, you have to make your self ready. but we see the people are sitting their playing with their religion and the religion of their families. then the are complaining about their problems and they are complaining about their wifes and their children and about the west and about everything, but not making them self ready to leave. If you try to speak against their doubts it is making you tired, because they are always coming up with new doubts and excuses. this behavior reminds me to talks with Alcoholic Persons. They are the same, they making excuses and they are lying to them selfs. you think this example is hard and offensive towards them? No its soft. Not making hijra is a larger sin, if it is obligatory for a person, then drinking alcohol. Not making Hijra is tawheed. the person who left hijra ma ‘tahaqaqa tahweed’ His tawheed is not complete. He can enter paradise he is not a disbeleaver, but his tawheed is in danger and he has to be scared to die in the land of disbeleaf or even to die as a disbeleaver, because he religion is in danger. If you are sitting in a burning house, are you waiting inside until you found a new apartment? No! You are leaving because your house is burning. The person who is not doing hijra giving excuses is the same. he is crazy. All of you have to leave. The Persons who are saying that the hijra is not obligatory for them or they have a real excuse are so small in numbers. If you say you are one of them, go and talk to a scholar but talk to him honestly, telling him your sins, telling him your problems, telling him your shortcomings, telling him that you have enough money to go for muslim countries and so on. tell him the truth. Dont make fatwashooping, with questions like that: ‘can a person who is save in his religion and has knowledge go wo the Land of disbeleave for dawa reasons?’ and in the same time, you did not told him, that you have son at school with the kuffar and a Wife who is not wearing right hijab and you are not telling him that you have learned arabic only two years ago and that have studied islam only threw the internet and that you never sit with the scholars. Dont lie about yourself. I am speaking in general not to any special person, but even person should ask himself, I the Hijra wajib for me or for someone of my family, and if yes, then he should get out of their and if cant, he should make him self ready, like the person in the burning house would make himself ready. If we would follow this way, the muslim countries would become strong. The religios people would leave the west, only the non social non religios people would stay there. the religious muhajirun would have a hugh positive impact on the islamic societies. it would be the best dawa. the muslims are leaving the west and prefere to live with the muslims in the islamic countries. They would bring Money and knowledge to muslim countries and strengh in numbers. the western countries would loose their working muslim generations. They dont get babies for their own. So they would have a big problem. The illusion that all the World loves the Western Lifestyl would be destroyed. Only the hijra would destroy the Kuffar. But the Muslims are not thinking good about their lord. They think hijra would meen poverty for them. Do they not read quran? They think Allah would punish them for being righteous. you should fear for being punished in the land of disbeleave. they are complaining about the muslims and the goverments of the islamic countries, that they dont make it always easy for muhajirun. What are you expecting on the Way to paradise, that all mankind is helping you? Of corse some people will make it difficult for you. But are the Disbeliever are making it easy for you in the west? If yes, then you are already gone. If not, so you should prefere to have patience with the Muslims instead of having patience in the land of disbliev. Patience is to keep yourself from making haram. Not to keep on doing haram and then claiming this would be patience. NO! You need to be patience after your hijra patient with the leaders, patient with the muslims, patient on the way of Allah subhana wa tala. Give your trust in Allah, leave this country. You make dawa? SubhanAllah the best dawa for theese arrogant kuffar is to leave them! They are laughing about you talking about Islam while living with them. If you would leave them, they have no argumentation against you. The Victory is from Allah and from the obedience and not from you and your disobedience by not making hijra. Every Muhajir is making it more easy for the next. So be from the first!


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