The Hijab and Islam’s Shieldmaidens

The Hijab and Islam’s Shieldmaidens:

The hijab signifies the higher statement of gendered humanity. The woman in hijab has, for quite some time now, found herself on the frontline in a war against the monoculture.

As traditional modesty is made to buckle under the pressures of modernity, the woman in hijab stands out either as a witness to revealed difference, or to her own charms. She stands out either as a witness to her life lived for God, or to identity politics and egotistical fashion statements.

The hijab is not just a symbol of freedom from the male gaze or concern, but also of freedom from being a sheepish slave to materialism and the death of meaning. And while she strives to guard and nurture her sense of modesty from modernity’s many intrusions of immodesty, the woman in hijab remains the great global sign of dissent. In this battle she must be helped, supported and thanked.

For a woman in hijab is a shieldmaiden of Islam.

**Below, pictures of English women in 1917, from Manchester and Burnley.




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  1. I thought they were muslims !
    It’s just 100 years ago! It’s really sad what has happened to women in the secular world.

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  2. I have a great and deep respect for all Hijabi’s who stand unmovable and firmly rooted in Islamic morality, decency modesty. thereby exhibiting respect their own self, their family, religion, tradition and above all…God.

    I offer encouragement, support, and my sincere thanks to all the strong, brave, committed, and inspiring, “Shieldmaidens of Islam!”

    Words do not suffice.

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  3. Aren’t traditional gender roles obsolete in today’s world because modern medicine (especially vaccination) means that women no longer need to have lots of children just to ensure that two survive to adulthood, and because many of the traditional “breadwinner” jobs that used to enable men to provide for their families no longer exist as human workers have been replaced by machines and robots?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Islamic women’s dress (and loose, flowing clothing more generally) has become stigmatized in today’s world because it is seen as too celebratory of a woman’s mothering function. Note that feminists started encouraging women to dress like men in the 1970s, shortly after the “The Population Bomb” was written by Paul Ehrlich to warn of the dangers of global overpopulation.


  4. If you type “Virgin Mary” into Google and click on images, you’ll see that 99% of the time her head is covered. The other 1% of photos that she isn’t are probably drawn by Freemasons.


  5. All the men wore headgear as well. It’s just 100 years ago! It’s really sad what has happened to men in the secular world!


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