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  1. A Beautiful piece!


  2. Oriental carpets are beautiful, especially Persian / Iranian ones. Great artwork and symmetry, and very expensive. Turkish ones are nice also. This is a great aspect of Islamic culture that is very respectful and I appreciate them; along with great food and great hospitality, poetry, great architecture, and many other things.


    • The greatest aspect of Islamic culture is ISLAM itself.

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    • That God (the eternal Son who is God by nature) decided to voluntary come, become a human, and suffer and die in the place of what mankind deserved, the innocent for the guilty – that is pure love.”

      but god will punish in hell without mercy. god drowned people without mercy. god can see himself punishing people in the depths of hell and he sees justice in that, what does he see when he does a self controlled execution of himself? self abuser?

      in human history people have VOLUNTARILY gone to their deaths with NO knowledge on how long the suffering is going to last, when and how it will stop.

      what you are praising is human being sacrifices, even your god was inspired by it.

      your god did a SELF imposed and self controlled “sacrifice” to appease his justice. justice forced your god to act , but then your god BROKE his own justice when he got out of his own punishment.

      if the sins of past, present and future = ETERNAL damnation and your god only does a temporary self imposed /self controlled punishment, then he broke his own rules.

      do you see ancient human sacrifices as ” pure love” ?

      why did you say “deserving” ?

      even if god PUNISHED a sinner for MILLIONS of years in the DEPTHS of hell , he would not be appeased, he needs BLOOD of innocent . so punishing sinner will not appease him, only self IMPOSED punishment will cool him off. how then can you say “humans are deserving” ?

      humans are not DESIGNED to be deserving.
      your god designed himself to “bear ” his own wrath.

      since we know that human beings are able to go to their DEATHS without ANY KNOWLEDGE of when, how and WHERE the suffering will stop, imagine if they had the power to switch of their own SUFFERING .

      jesus’ “willingness” has not prevented christians from HATE, lust and anger.


    • You put that on the wrong thread.

      Mercy & love or those who repent and trust Christ – eternal life.

      But for all who do not repent & believe, hell is God’s justice against sin.


    • in the days of the old testament, god trusted his guidance so much that he said it can produce righteous living. he even said it would change hearts and minds and he praised many righteous people. your god did not trust his guidance so he decided to commit suicide . why do you call this drama “pure love” ?


    • you put that on the wrong thread.
      You confuse God’s guidance with man’s ability to actually do the guidance.


    • “You confuse God’s guidance with man’s ability to actually do the guidance.”

      the thing is that god in your religion did not DESIGN anyone to do his guidance.

      quote :

      Xianity is like a pinball game where there’s only two types of things in the gameboard: “Sin,” which earns you negative points, and “Communion” which brings your score back to zero. It is possible to earn a positive score, but only if you cheat. But in order to cheat, you have to be a god. If you don’t happen to be a god, forget it. Why would anyone in an arcade waste a quarter playing this silly game?

      end quote

      god designed, according to your beliefs, EASILY corruptible creature, but he still gave them guidance he knew they would NEVER be able to do. so why did he give them GUIDANCE?


  3. Since it denies established history, Surah 4:157; and denies the need for atonement, denies the resurrection of Christ, denies the Deity of Christ and the Trinity, denies original sin (though there seems to evidence of it in Islamic sources) and since it denies the way that humans can be made right with God, etc.

    no, it it is the not the greatest aspect.

    But that is the debate that we are still having.


    • I think br. Zaker did a great job when he deabted James.
      He explained that ayah very well.


    • Not really; Zakir Hussein tried to say Heb. 5:7 shows Jesus did not go to the cross, yet the next verse says He suffered, and the whole book of Hebrews proves He was crucified, died, and rose from the dead.

      The part about saying that Mark 15 actually taught that Simon the Cyrene was crucified instead of Jesus was an amazing attempt of desperation on Zakir’s part. The more I read Irenaeus’ account of what the heretic Basilides taught, the more it is obvious that the Qur’an got that idea that someone was made to look like Jesus on the cross – the Qur’an got that idea from the heretic Basilides, a Gnostic teacher. Since many other things in the Qur’an are coming from other Gnostic sources and fables and Jewish Midrash and Targums, it seems obvious that the Qur’an got a lot of its information from Gnostics and heretics, many who had been exiled or driven out to the outskirts of the Byzantine Empire and into Arabia.


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    • “Not really; Zakir Hussein tried to say Heb. 5:7 shows Jesus did not go to the cross, yet the next verse says He suffered, and the whole book of Hebrews proves He was crucified, died, and rose from the dead.”

      but this gets DEMOLISHED here




      and finally here


      there is no evidence that your jesus rose from the dead or that he was killed by the pagans.


    • Quran is a revelation from Allah(sw). If some truth being remained in your roman biblical canon or in other books that your roman church didn’t accept, that doesn’t mean anything for us. Quran stands by itself. Quran from the beginning has been saying that it’s a( Tebian). Something which corrects & reveals the ruth.
      In contrast, your bible doesn’t give this claim about the stories of Ark and the flood, for example! Or the similarities between the Ugartic tablet and the song of songs in your bible. Or the books mentioned in christian bible which are not found in Hebraic canon! In fact, some books in your bible don’t claim to be the words of God in the first place.
      Also, all the amazing stories in Quran that you think are found in gnostic works are not the same in those works which were not available for the christians themselves let alone to be available for the prophet pbuh in Arabia!

      Regarding the Hebrews book,
      I’m not talking about it which you don’t who wrote it.
      That book just shows how conradictory when you say ( God heard his prayers), yet He let him died. It doesn’t make sense!
      What seems more plausible is that idea ( i.e God heard his prayers) was a belief very common at that time. The author of that book wanted to make sense between that belief in one hand, and what Paul taught on other hand.


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