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  1. In Islam Rebentence (Tawbah) is easy…….it only takes a sincere heart (& mind), a couple of minutes, and a few humble words:

    “Ya Allah! Forgive all our sins whether few or more, the first and last, the apparent and hidden.” ~ (Muslim)

    “Ya Allah! Verily You are most for giving; You love forgiving so forgive me.” ~ (Tirmizi)

    “Ya Rabb!! We believe in you; please forgive us and have mercy upon us for You are the best of those who show mercy.” ~ (Qur;an 23:109)

    These are but a few beautiful examples from Islamic sources.

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    • And still the Christians lie by saying that the God of Islam is not of love.

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    • Menj,
      Yes…….It takes a VERY LOVING God to forgive us of our sins through the simple act of sincere Repentance, while asking nothing in return but our commitment to being a better person, (in submission to the will and commandments of God) going forward. Shukr Allah, wal-Hamdullillah!!

      While Christians believe in Original Sin, both Muslim and Jews believe in “Original Forgiveness” Adam and Eve Sinned, then they Repented and Allah forgave them. Thus it is clear that “Allah is Greater” (Allahu Akbar!) than what Christians understand him to be. If Allah wishes to forgive the sinner, he can do so easily, for he is an all-powerful God, and he is not limited by any “blood sacrifice” to lift some ancient mystery curse of Original sin.

      The Christian Concept of atonement through the horrific, terrifying, and paganistic ritual of Human blood sacrifice of an innocent person for the sins of the guilty is not “loving” at all. This is because a price in innocent blood was “paid” for the sins, therefore, the sin itself was not really “forgiven” at all – it was just transferred onto an other innocent person who was punished instead of the guilty. There is no real forgiveness there. The requirement of innocent blood in return for “forgiveness” is a paganistic idea, and is the clear hallmark of an unjust and hateful God.


    • “And still the Christians lie by saying that the God of Islam is not of love.”

      sin is just too great to be forgiven in their religion. many a times you will hear them say that only a perfect sinless human could appease and please god. this implies that even if their god violently punished adam in hell, the problem of sin could only be answered by god punishing himself.

      the christian god is a god who is consumed with punishing himself to appease/please himself.


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