Jonathan McLatchie Lies About Br. Mansur

Jonathan McLatchie’s antagonistic and reprehensible behaviour is well known in the interfaith community. Renowned for unabashedly attacking those he disagrees with and then deleting the attacks without apology is par the course for Jonny. This was no more on show than on Monday the 18th of September 2017 on Jonathan’s own Facebook profile. Whether due to malice or personal shame from his interactions with Br. Mansur, Jonathan took it upon himself to slander and attack Br. Mansur for allegedly making a Christian interlocutor cry at Speaker’s Corner. The problem being that the woman was crying when Br. Mansur entered the discussion and sought to calm her down, to the point where she then engaged with Br. Mansur in a beneficial and well received discussion about Islam and Christianity. This however, is not what McLatchie saw. I have saved the discussion, due to expecting Jonny to delete it and then pretending that it never happened having been called out on his blatant slander and dishonesty by Muslims and Christians alike:

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How did Jonathan react to his open lie being called out by Muslims and Christians alike? By deleting the post without apology. Here’s the original link of the post, clicking it will indicate that the post is no longer available.

Should one peruse Jonathan’s profile, they will not find an apology or retraction. This is not unusual behaviour for a man so full of hate for Muslims that he refers to them as a cancer and a virus in Europe.

Fortunately, several Muslims and Christians did save Jonathan’s post (we all expected him to delete it), and after being repeatedly questioned, he offered a quasi-apology, not on his Facebook page but on my Facebook group.


Unfortunately for Jonathan, this apology was not made public by him, it cannot be found on his website, on his Facebook page or his Facebook profile. The apology could only be found on a Facebook post on my Facebook group, hidden away in-between comments in a discussion. In other words, Jonathan made a slanderous and false claim about Br. Mansur. Under pressure from the interfaith community, he removed the post without apology. After seeing that others had saved his post, he was forced to comment and then offer a half hearted retraction on a private Facebook group, a long way away from the openly public post he made on his Facebook profile only hours ago. Should we really expect Jonathan to apologize for his childish behaviour publicly? No. After all, he’s just doing the Jonny.

I’m not sure what’s worse though, after having studied biology for more than a decade at various Universities, Jonathan still cannot tell the difference between a woman and a girl. For everyone else on planet earth, one is an adult, the other is a child. Unfortunately, in an attempt to slander Br. Mansur, Jonathan claimed (inaccurately) that the woman crying was a girl…

He has since also, not apologized for his misogynistic remarks about the woman, or for his hateful slander against Br. Mansur.

and God knows best.

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  1. The guy lies through his teeth all the time. I’ve always found him to be one of the weakest Christian debaters anyway.

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