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  1. He was liar without a shred of doubt, and I can give examples about this.
    I’m not sure what you mean by the “balanced and objective” reading for his life?

    Also, I see the clown David keeps posting his pictures with Nabeel, and these pictures show that Nabeel had a strong relationship with David even before he converted from Qadianiah to christianity, which indicates that Nabeel was like David, and his heart already had a disease against Islam.
    I cannot buy that Nabeel was with David to defend Islam! Which “Islam” he was defending?
    The “Islam” which teaches that Mirza has the heaven and earth with Allah(sw)?
    The “Islam” which teaches that Jesus was a drunk man so the title of messiah is fitting more for Mirza ?
    BTW, these arguments have been used agianst muslims in the books of Mirza himself.

    I cannot imagine how a muslim hang out with someone like David!
    Rather it’s like what the Prophet (ﷺ) said: A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend.” Tirmithi.
    And in the Day of judgement
    “Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous” QT.

    May Allah protect us from this ending.


  2. Is there any record of any Muslim converting to Christianity at the hands of Nabil Qureyshi?
    Or David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Jonathan Macclatchie or Jay Smith for that matter?


  3. Paul,

    Thanks much for having the assessment be done in due course.

    We appreciate your efforts and efforts of all who will work on that assessment. Since I assume there were many lies, it would be helpful to get input from multiple people who knew he was spreading false information about Islam.

    We hope that all of the lies, distortions, etc. that Nabeel exposed souls with are put out for all to read.

    This website is very useful for those trying to get true information.

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  4. As Abdullah1423 has wisely indicated, it would be also interesting to know of how close and friendly his relationship with David was while he was still an Ahmadi.

    Let’s think about it rationally…how likely is it that Nabeel just randomly became David Wood’s roommate…just by chance?

    Both of them had a record of not saying the truth. They are not reliable.

    People usually seek out roommates.

    It is most likely that they were friends even before they became roommates.

    So the narrative given in how Nabeel converted to Christianity from being an Ahmadi is probably false in multiple ways.


  5. Also, by looking at social media, he appears to have had a large slice of the evangelical establishment getting people to pray hard for him to recover.

    One of Ravi Zakaria’s retweets is of a photo where he writes

    A Slice of Infinity‏ @SliceofInfinity Sep 19
    Unanswered prayer will always be a mystery. The untimely death of my colleague @NAQureshi is a fresh & painful example. Image:Agony, Schiele


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