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  1. Is this intended to mock the idea that God loves martyred believers?


  2. It is intended to satirise the common evangelical message of God’s abundant blessings to lure people into faith. The early church often experienced martyrdom – not ease – for proclaiming its message.

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  3. Atlas,
    No! This post has no thing to do with Islam and its teachings.
    I think christians struggle as the post refers seemingly to the irony in christians’ belief about all loving god in one hand, and the reality of this life on the other hand.
    For example, christians believe that women get sever pain during the giving birth because of the original sin. But at the same time they believe that their all loving god scarified himself to defeat that very sin.
    As a result, that pain is supposed to go away after that great ransom. However, we know that has not been the case for the christian women.

    Islam is something else,and its teachings go side by side with nature of this world that Allah has created, and the wisdom behind this creation.

    ” …And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned”.

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  4. This is actually a touchstone Christian argument for the truthfulness of their trinitarian beliefs.
    It goes something like this ” how could those Christian willingly accept martyrdom if they didn’t believe that Jesus was God? ”
    (by this criteria all the unitarians burned at the stake by trinitarians were on the truth)



  1. Sometimes the good news isn’t that great.. | kokicat

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