Jonathan McLatchie’s Apologetics Academy Agrees with Banning Muslims

In 2015, Dr. Ally first debated a young Christian by the name of Jonathan McLatchie. Following that debate, a highly problematic video of Jonathan emerged where he referred to Muslims as a cancer and virus in European civilization. To defend his words in that video he then proceeded to provide the so called “no-go zones” as evidence of his claim. Fair play to Jonathan, while he did retract his “no-go zones” claim as being false and exaggerated, he did not recant his initial words about Muslims being a cancer and virus in European civilization.

Over the course of the past two years, Jonathan has sought to establish an online presence for his “academy” by creating a Facebook group under his tutelage. Yesterday Jonathan’s anti-Muslim rhetoric reached its peak when his “academy” began discussing the banning of Muslims from Europe and America. A post in which numerous Christians approved of and called for a ban of Muslims, became not only the most popular discussion of the day, it was also allowed to stay and not be removed (see post here). At this very point in time, the anti-Muslim post is still online and has not been commented upon by any of the administrators of Jonathan’s group, including Jonathan himself.

Remarkably, the vast majority of those who aired their disagreement with such a ridiculous and hateful post were primarily atheists themselves.


This is not the first time Jonathan’s group has stoked hateful anti-Muslim sentiments, just recently (in a now deleted post, after I had published my article) there was a post dedicated to the insulting and mockery of Shaykh Ahmad Deedat. There is a consistent trend of anti-Muslim views in Jonathan McLatchie’s “Apologetics Academy”, if as he claims, that he wishes to dialogue with Muslims in a respectful manner, why does he maintain hateful positions about Muslims and a group dedicated to demonizing them on social media?

Has decency no value in today’s world?

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  1. That little back-and-forth between Andy and Stuart is hilarious…

    – “Do you believe you’re engaging in cannibalism?”

    – “Duh, no. I believe I’m engaging in cannibalism AND consuming a stale cracker and grape juice at the same time!”


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