Book Review: “The Quran Unveiled” by Dave Miller

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Mohammad Shaheer Khan

Recently, in my search for books on Christianity, I stumbled upon a book entitled “The Quran Unveiled” written by a Christian apologist who goes by the name of Dave Miller. The title as it seemed really intrigued me to go ahead and give this book a read. Since I stumbled upon it on an apologetics website. I had a certain picture in my mind about this book and I must say, as I skimmed through it, I was not disappointed.

In his introduction to the Book, the author writes:

“I have,to the best of my ability, made every effort to be objective,honest,and unprejudiced in my attempt to examine the holy book of Islam with a view toward determining whether it comes from God.I have approached the Quran with a desire to examine its contents and attributes in a sincere desire to know the truth.” (pp.ii)


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  1. The title of this article should be, “Dave Miller Unveiled”

    A great book review and an excellent rebuttal and refutation of many of the same old rehashed, regurgitated, repetitive lies and false polemical arguments that are gleefully trotted out by many Christian Missionaries and apologists alike.

    One can tell just by the title of Miller’s book (The Qur’an Unveiled) that it is likely filled with biased attacks against the Qur’an, and hardly worth the read for those who are interested in serious scholarship. However, thanks for highlighting this lazy, shoddy, misleading and clearly biased book by Dave Miller, while summarizing and critiquing it so that the rest of us don’t have to waste our precious time on reading such worthless tripe.


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