Breaking News: Ravi Zacharias’s Online Sex Scandal

Did Ravi Zacharias threaten suicide (in writing, no less!) to cover up an online affair he was having with a married woman? It looks like it, and he does not deny it in his lengthy court filing.

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  1. Another so-called “man of God” exposed for what he really is.


  2. look, like i have said before. the fristian mind does not think about DIVINE consequences. ANY sin they do, they will wash themselves in the blood of a pagan blood god. every future sins they do , they think it has ALL been cleared

    “god is just”

    quote again :

    The discrepancy can be more easily resolved when we realize that God does NOT expect perfection and that He accepts repentance – both concepts clearly articulated in Tanach Psalm 103:14, Psalm 51:19””


    And ironically, Rabbi, that is exactly what Christians REALLY believe when they are not trying to convert people, but living their life in a cycle of sin and repentance. How many times have we seen the bumper sticker that reads, “Christians are not Perfect, just Forgiven”?

    This is the catch-22 they face. If God can forgive and welcome an imperfect person, then what is the need for Jesus? On the other hand, if they are still sinning even after accepting Jesus (and ALL of them are, by their own admission), then on what basis are they fit for God’s presence, if sinless perfection is the qualifying criteria? Think about this: if it is about “the blood of Jesus” and “Jesus dying for our sins”, then there is no need for repentance or even right-doing, since God does not consider your sin, but Jesus’ supposed perfection in your place.

    That is why Hebrews chapters 8-10 exposes the fatal flaw of Christian doctrine and the NT. No reason to even bother with the rest of the arguments. Christianity is self-defeating on its most basic premise.


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