Bishop Converts to Islam, Turns Church to Mosque

NAIROBI – A Kenyan bishop has converted to Islam and turned his church into a mosque, saying that he could not stand how women wore indecently to his church.

“My church was known as Nyalgosi God’s Call Church of East Africa, but it is now Nyalgosi Jamia Mosque,” Bishop Charles Okwany, now Ismael Okwany, told The Nairobian.

“During my tenure as a Bishop, I travelled to Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi and Tanzania to preach the word of God

“I used to take advantage of the opportunity to study the conduct of both Christians and Muslims living in the areas, and it made me conclude that Islam is better,” he added.

“The Biblical teachings discourage modes of dressing which are likely to motivate sexual desire in church. But it is unfortunate that some women wear miniskirts and other clothes that expose their private parts,” said Okwany.

He added that women who dress indecently tempt the clergy.

“It was unfortunate that some people felt I was wrong when I discouraged indecent dressing yet they were the ones who were going against the will of God,” said Okwany.

Okwany began his journey to Islam by visiting a Muslim leader in Kisii County to whom he explained his intentions. He was then referred to Rangwe Imam, Mustafa Saoke.

On September 26, Okwany converted to Islam and was joined by 23 other members of his church.

Currently, the mosque has a population of 63 people after 30 Muslims who were in the entire Kagan ward decided to register their membership.

Becoming Muslim, Okwany wants to study to know more about his faith.

“I will go for a theological training on Islamic religion to enable me to preach the word of God in Islam,” he added.

“I had never joined a theology class but this will be my starting point.”


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  1. A bishop who has never studied theology. Hmm, something smells fishy.

    Aha, the source is an Islamic website.


    • Wrong. If you actually bothered to read the article you will discover the original source: The Nairobian.


    • You don’t need to be trained in all the Islamic sciences to convert to Islam.


    • It seems that from the article he did study one thing very closely….the loose morals and unbecoming behavior of those who claim to be filled with the “Holy spirit” vs. the conservative, honorable, modest, and respectable morals and good behavior of those who adhere to Islamic faith teachings.

      It seems that this was enough to open the Preacher’s eyes, and led him to understand the fundamental differences in the kind of person that is produced by each respective faith.

      Christianity produces weak willed people and accommodates those who prefer to follow their own whims and desires – while in contrast, Islam builds people of strong unbendable moral character, ..who strive to obey the commandments of the Lord with all their strength and being, and who aim to please the Lord almighty God Allah in every way that they can from A to Z.

      Based on this, it is easy to see how the preacher came to admire Muslim people, and their religious standards, and how he came to the understanding that Islam is a far superior faith tradition which he evidently felt confident in choosing for himself!

      May Allah bless and guide him, and may Allah Guide others into Islam through him!


    • LOL, a typical response by the neutered dog of hell!

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  2. Flying aeroplanes into buildings okay. Beheading English soldiers on the street okay. Blowing up teenage girls in Manchester okay. Bataclan theatre massacre okay.

    But women wearing what they want is not okay.

    Yep makes sense. Sounds like the erstwhile Bishop becoming a muslim is a win for christianity and a win for islam.


  3. “The sandhedrin wanted him dead for claiming to be Yahweh.”

    where are you PULLING this bs from?

    the charge of blasphemy is NO WHERE to be found in the gospel of john.
    in the gospel of john , your false BLOOD god said “i spoke OPENLY to the WORLD”



    there is no CHARGE OF blasphemy in john .

    “…claiming to be Yahweh”

    are you basing this on the synoptics?

    quote :
    “I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the son of man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

    yhwhs RIGHT hand man is not yhwh . the Mighty One is not jesus.

    nobody saw jesus, the christians who were praying for deliverance did not see jesus come riding on clouds.


    • Coming on the clouds of heaven is a reference to Daniel 7. A claim to deity. The high priest understood that.


    • Coming on the clouds is a reference to the myth about Baal. The author of Daniel simply copied a well-known myth.


    • it is only blasphemy because a peasant jew dare put himself in the shoes of people like moses, elijah and others who were seen as more holy than jesus.

      a dirty hippy galilean peasant cannot be in a holy place

      thats the point. blasphemy is not derived from making the claim that he is “yhwh in the flesh ” BULL SHIT

      blasphemy is “who gives him the right to say what only god gifted to a few chosen people ” ?


    • quote :

      There is nothing in Daniel 7 which points to the “one like a son of man” having a divine status other than that which he acquires in receiving the authority of God to rule on YHWH’s behalf over the nations. The passage gives a clear reason why the “one like a son of man” is served by the nations: it is because he is given something which he did not have before, that is, dominion and glory and a kingdom (7:14). It is not even said that the “son of man” figure sits on one of the thrones.

      quote :…/enthroned-beside…/

      The ancient Israelites also knew that the Canaanite deity Baal was a rider on the clouds.
      Moses could be transported in a cloud (Josephus, Antiquities 4.325-326).
      Daniel 7:18 explicitly interprets the apocalyptic imagery with reference to the saints of Israel

      other human figures could be seated on the divine throne such as Moses (see the Exagōgē of Ezekiel the Tragedian) and Enoch in the Similitudes interpretation of Daniel 7 (see 1 Enoch 61:8; 62:2, 5; 69:27, 29) (page 78). True, the priest may have judge it to be especially audacious for a Galilean labourer to see himself as the equivalent of an illustrious past hero such as Enoch or Moses.

      quote :

      quote :

      So Matthew 9:1-7 doesn’t qualify? Jesus says that authority to forgive sins has been given to the Son of Man. ‘Son of Man’ is not a divine title. It may simply be a modest self-reference; it may allude to Ezekiel’s frequent use of the phrase with reference to himself; or more likely Jesus has in mind here to Daniel 7:13-14, where the ‘Son of Man’ stands for a human community, the saints of the Most High against whom the pagan ruler makes war, to whom is given ‘authority’ (exousia: LXX; cf. 7:25). Daniel says the Son of Man is given authority; Jesus says the Son of Man, who will also be killed by the Gentiles (cf. Lk. 18:31-32), is given authority. There is nothing at all in this text to suggest that Jesus regarded himself as divine. And Matthew does not question the response of the people: they ‘glorified God, who had given such authority to men’ (9:8). They are right to be impressed that God has given the authority to forgive to men.

      that’s the point. why should holy of holy yehowa give holy authority to a galilean HIPPY peasant?

      is he moses? is he like moses? no ? is he a liar and deceiver? thats what the priests think. so what right does he have to say he will be GIVEN this? BLASPHEMY!


  4. Mashallah!
    The man caused 23 people to come into Islam through his convesion .
    Consider me impressed … and a little bit jealous.

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  5. Mr Achilles has nothing to offer again. Islam is a complete religion which when study without hatred you will definitely become a MUSLIM.

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  6. Charles Okwany is just one in a long list of African pastors converting to Islam and leading others to it. My own country (Nigeria) has witnessed the rise of several da’awah associations headed mostly by ex pastors and priests. Among them are:

    Shababul Islam Foundation (headed by Ex protestant priest Ismail Ileri-Ogo).
    Islamic Culture Enlightenment Centre (headed by ex pastor Yusuf Mathews Oyedeji).
    ACADIP (headed by Yusuf Mathews and Emmanuel Johnson).

    Pray for these guys brothers. They currently are apostatizing Christians on a daily basis. In addition, several (supposed) ‘miracles’ performed in many African churches is effortlessly replicated by them (often in front of large christian audiences).

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    • Chocoboy

      May Allah guide them to propagate Islam. I pray they leave the miracles behind and to the Christians. In Islam, Allah is the only one who can do miracles and/or allow humans to do miracles by His(Allah) permission. Putting faith on miracles like Christians do, can sometimes leads one to satan. That is why we have so many pastors using satan and shaiyteen to perform their miracles in order to impress their followers. Pastor Joshua and the rest are products of satan.

      The point is that, humans can pray for miracle from God or have partnership with the devil(satan) to provide miracle, so miracles can come from a wrong source. That is why in Islam, we base our faith on true one God of Abraham, Jesus, Moham med etc. who is one and only rather than miracle.


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  7. Being a convert as a Christian or a Muslim does not guarantee eternal life.

    We have unbelievers in every religion who claim to be believers but by their character you can discern they are not adhering strictly to their faith.

    Being a Christian or Muslim is by choice. It not a certificate to heaven.



  1. Bishop Converts to Islam, Turns Church to Mosque — Blogging Theology | Islamic updates, welcome

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