Allahu akbar!

Allahu akbar literally means God is greater. The phrase implies that God is greater than anything that can be named. It reminds me of a key premise in Anselm’s Ontological Argument for God’s existence: ‘God is something than which nothing greater can be conceived’.

It is part of the call to prayer in Islam.  It’s use in terrorist attacks is a blasphemy against God and such crimes are a capital offense in shariah.

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  1. It is just like crusaders and kkk carrying crosses of Jesus Christ whiles killing and burning cross then hanging blacks in the case of KKK.

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  2. It’s one of the most profound statements on theology. Yet it is so often mistranslated by the media as the rather crude “God is great” and then shown alongside terrorists blowing themselves up or shooting people

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  3. These terrorists truly are sickos

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    • their influence is slowly growing in my country….nothing is made by the local Ulemas to stop it, absolutely nothing, all the islamic media cares about is putting old men singing poems with low quality sounds, that’s all…



  1. Allahu akbar! | kokicat

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