Meet the new postdoctoral fellow


The Christian-Muslim Studies Network

Dr Abdul Rahman Mustafa joined staff at the University of Edinburgh in September as the Christian-Muslim Studies Network’s first postdoctoral fellow.

He brings to New College his expertise in both law and Islamic theology, and he contributes to the Network’s commitment to interfaith studies with a critical lens. His appointment was made possible by a grant from the Luce Fund for Theological Education at the Henry Luce Foundation.

Dr Mustafa joined the staff at New College after completing his PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. His PhD dissertation is titled, ‘From God’s Nature to God’s Law: Theology, Law and Legal Theory in Islam’.Mustafa Photo

While studying at Georgetown, Dr Mustafa worked with Professor Daniel Madigan, who he credits with introducing him to Christian-Muslim relations as a scholarly endeavor.

‘It was serious research into interfaith engagement without devolving into platitudes, bringing a critical lens to…

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  1. The article never states the religious persuasion of Dr. Mustafa, and we are left only to assume that he is a God-believing traditional Muslim.

    It is truly inspiring to see a scholar of theological studies, who his not ashamed to admit that he/she is a true believing Muslim and is not afraid to defend Islamic beliefs when need be. We need more such scholars in the field, who can articulate the Muslim perspective in a scholarly fashion. I hope that this is the type of person that Dr. Mustafa endeavors to be.

    Although, I am not sure who Dr. Mustafa really is or what his intentions are (time will tell), I pray that his work will be of positive use and benefit to Islam, inshallah.

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  2. “He currently works as part of a team of researchers creating a translation of the entire canon of Sunni Hadith, complete with ecumenical commentaries on those that draw on multiple interpretive perspectives from within the Islamic tradition.”
    Wow! It’s a big target!
    Can any one give more details about this project?



  1. Meet the new postdoctoral fellow | kokicat

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