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  1. The article never states the religious persuasion of Dr. Mustafa, and we are left only to assume that he is a God-believing traditional Muslim.

    It is truly inspiring to see a scholar of theological studies, who his not ashamed to admit that he/she is a true believing Muslim and is not afraid to defend Islamic beliefs when need be. We need more such scholars in the field, who can articulate the Muslim perspective in a scholarly fashion. I hope that this is the type of person that Dr. Mustafa endeavors to be.

    Although, I am not sure who Dr. Mustafa really is or what his intentions are (time will tell), I pray that his work will be of positive use and benefit to Islam, inshallah.

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  2. “He currently works as part of a team of researchers creating a translation of the entire canon of Sunni Hadith, complete with ecumenical commentaries on those that draw on multiple interpretive perspectives from within the Islamic tradition.”
    Wow! It’s a big target!
    Can any one give more details about this project?



  1. Meet the new postdoctoral fellow | kokicat

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