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  1. I disagree. American(and Canadian) liberals are using all of these as battering rams to promote gun control.


  2. There were literally 378 mass shootings in the US in 2017[1] – only times they’re used to push some policy is when a Muslim does it.

    [1] : https://massshootingtracker.org/

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  3. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. A lot of people are in favour of gun control and an end to islamic immigration.

    In Australia there is strict gun control. Recent surveys show a majority want a ban on muslim immigration.


    • There are also a lot of good people who are in favor of gun ownership who also have no problems with Islam or Muslim immigration.


    • As well as there are those who support gun control and also support Muslim immigration. One does not necessarily always go with the other.


    • France is currently and has been living in a state of emergency for some time. It aint because of gun toting red necks from the deep south.


    • “…gun toting red necks from the deep south.”

      You mean like the Christian perpetrator of the Texas Church Massacre? I’m sure the French give thanks to God every day that they don’t have any southern red necks like him to deal with.

      No offence to any tolerant peace loving Red Necks!!


    • No evidence he was a Christian. You are just plying taqiyya now.


    • achillies53
      November 9, 2017 • 9:40 pm
      No evidence he was a Christian. You are just plying taqiyya now

      I say;
      How so? When applying the same standards the media and the west does on Islam i.e. if the person has middle eastern name or Muslim name they say he is a Muslim terrorist. Most terrorists may have Muslim name but not practicing Muslims like the hijackers and french terrorists who drink alcohol and chasing women. The same applies to this guy who has a Christian in law etc.

      Just imagine, lets say Hussein or Karim who does not pray and perform Islamic duties with an in law who attends a Mosque. He then commit terrorists act. The media will certainly say he is a Muslim. This guy has a Christian name with an in law who is a member of the Church. According to what is used/yardstick to pronounce Muslim terrorist, this guy is a Christian terrorist.

      Taqiyya is when one is in danger of being killed, he can deny his Muslim faith publicly and not privately in his heart. Allah knows what is in his heart. Most of us on bloggingtheology have no danger practicing our religion, so taqiyya is not for us. In the Bible Jesus honored a prostitute and others for practicing lies and deception.


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  4. dominant culture


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