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  1. Paul, you crack me up. I hope Australian MSM picks this up. Hell, im actually going to bring this to the attention of Australian MSM.

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  2. Good brochure. Shame about the false headline attached by the muslim


  3. The brochure says specifically that it accepts all denominations. Why lie Paul and claim this is related to the CoE?


    • the picture is intended to illustrate white christian missionary work to the indigenous people of Australia in general. But the same power dynamic and cultural imperialism are there.


    • You’ve been caught. You really have no option to protest given you adhere to and practice an evangelical religion.

      You just look for any opportunity to attack Christians it seems. I think this stems from your isolation in the masjid and lack of community, and your hope to find acceptable with the people of Islam.

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    • He got ya Paul!
      O noooo! What will you do now? His evidence is overwhelming!

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    • Yes, he lied. Unless you think this pleases Allah?

      Perhaps he posted in haste. Fair enough. But instead of admitting this he has continued in his hate. The fruits of muhammadism


    • If I may say so I think it is a great post that describes accurately the catastrophe White Christian missionaries inflicted on the indigenous Australians.

      The post certainly riled Paulus and achillies53 so it hit home 🙂

      But have you apologised to the indigenous Australians for the harm your religion did to them (and continues to do)? Me thinks your faux outrage conceals a deep seated shame and guilt.

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    • A Brit who thinks he knows the cultural nuances of another nation. Still a colonialist at heart it seems Mr Williams. Pray tell, have you ever even been to Australia? Ever met an aboriginal?

      I’m not riled up at all. You’ve made a false claim, a lie, simply to slander Christians. You appear to follow conjecture more often than you attend sholat. Kinda ironic, ey?


  4. We have nothing to apologize for. Biblical Christianity is only a force for good.



  1. The English to the Native Australians: Give us your land, and in exchange we will give you the Church of England and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. | kokicat

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