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  1. Let me explain more about the subject because I don’t think Sh. Hamza has given a satisfied clarification.

    *When muslims say Qur’an is uncreated, what do they mean?
    The answer is so simple! They mean Allah(ﷻ) has ability to speak, and when He(ﷻ) spoke this Qur’an, He spoke it literally . Allah (ﷻ) dictated Qur’an as a speech heard by Jibreel pbuh( i.e. Gabriel), and then Jibreel pbuh dictated that speech, which in this case is ( Qur’an), to the prophet ﷺ.
    In sum, what Jibreel pbuh had heard from Allah(ﷻ) is not created rather it’s words/ speech/voice of Allah(ﷻ).

    *One may ask; does this include all the speech/words of Allah(ﷻ)?
    The answer is YES, and that what Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said. For example, when Allah(ﷻ) spoke to Moses pbuh, what Moses heard is not something created. It’s the speech of Allah(ﷻ), and all attributes of Allah(ﷻ) are not created.
    Muslims are not talking about the book that we touch in our hand, nor are we talking about the book in heaven. We are talking abput the words/speech which is heard from Allah(ﷻ).

    *Why did Mutazilites, the opponents of the Sunni muslims, insist that Qur’an is created?
    The answer is that because they didn’t believe that Allah(ﷻ) speak Qur’an in the first place. From their perspective, if we say Allah(ﷻ) speaks, then we are likening Allah(ﷻ) to his creatures for speech cannot be done without its tool (i.e. mouth& tongue, ..etc) , so they’d rather say Qur’an is created.

    Finally, I hope that I’ve given a clarification to this matter for it seems some muslims don’t get it ,and most important I’ve heard many stupid straw man fallacies made by christians about the subject while it’s obvious those christians have no idea what they’re talking about.
    Recently, I’ve watched James White saying “we know that Arabic language is a semitic language, and it’s not the first semitic language, so how is the Arabic Qur’an uncreated” !! Dah!!

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    • Abdullah1423,
      Great explanation!!!!

      The uncreated nature of the Qur’an can be a very difficult topic to comprehend, and the literature can be confusing at times. You are right that some lay Muslims don’t fully understand the issue either. I have also seen, first hand, Christian Missionaries using this issue as a talking point to confuse Muslims in an effort to convince them that Islam is flawed etc.

      Your explanation helps to clarify the matter and makes it easy to understand and respond intelligently. Thanks!

      It would be good to see a detailed post on this subject which further clarifies and explains the Muslim position on the uncreated nature of the Qur’an. Or if anyone can provide links to a well written piece that provides further clarification on both Ashari and Mutazilite positions that would be good too.



  1. The Muslim Belief is that that Quran is the Uncreated Word of God – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf | kokicat

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