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  1. Joel does not believe the above. He believes the creator can be counted as 3 just like goats are created MANY and therefore not unique but can be counted MANY as Trinity God can be counted more than one just like creations are counted more than one. Joel as an idolater, polytheist and image worshiper believes the one God who is alone can be added with other persons. I said to Selean Amioran that every person is a being and so the 3 persons of the Trinity are each a being and therefore Trinitarians are worshiping 3 persons/beings/gods and is polytheism punishable in deep hell fire unless one repents from such blashpheme before his death.

    Since then, Selea Amioran has never commented here. They do not like to hear to truth but lies from David Wood, Spencer, Shamoun, Jay etc.

    Repent before it is too late. Do not say 3, desist, it is better for you.


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  2. Thanks to Fatima Karim for the original post!


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