Revisiting Banu Nadir Affair: Countering Myths

Why Were The Banu Nadir Tribe Exiled Out Of Madinah? The following article shows the sequence of events which led to their exile. The article is a refutation, but a great piece nonetheless on this incident for anyone interested in knowing that part of history…

Discover The Truth

Salaam Zaid Al-Iraqi & Kaleef K. Karim


This article is a refutation to “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, where the Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts dedicated an article to one of our article’s. Much of Glen Roberts article is no more than just his own commentary on the Banu Nadir incident – he didn’t present classical scholars to give an all round historical background on the incident. The Banu Nadir incident occurred in the life of Prophet Muhammed (p). You can access Glen Roberts’ piece in the reference section further down. [1]

The Banu Nadir Incident

“The Sira tells us that the Banu Nadir was one of three Jewish tribes at Medina which were expelled or massacred at Muhammad’s direction. In the case of the Nadir, they were robbed of their wealth and evicted. Some leaders were even murdered.”

Right off the bat we have a…

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