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  1. Is it true that Richard proposed to marry his sister with Saladin’s brother and offered that Jerusalem could be their wedding gift? I remember reading that on a wannabe Templar’s website…


  2. His Majesty Sergeant. Salahuddin Al Ayubi. He spent years uniting Muslims and preaching the real Islam before finally taking the Holy Land to allow everyone to practice his religion. Before then, the Christians butchered everyone in the Holy Land including Jews except Christians alone. Now, the Zionist evangelical Christians of the USA want only zionist Jews to live in the Holy Land as a Jewish State. Salahuddin never made it Islamic State for Muslims alone. Caliph Omar never made the city Muslim state and lived by Muslims alone. The United Nations initially wanted Jerusalem to remain open for every religion and not for any one religion. That was how the city was after God sent the Jews into exile. Religious Jews said, Jews are forbidden to return and take the Holy Land as their land. The said, the messiah is the one who will come and give them Jerusalem. They will not accept Jerusalem from anyone.

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