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  1. Well thank you Mr Paul Williams for calling me a fantastic Christian. I’m glad you appreciate my production ability. This was a great production helping to get Mr White to understand the Apostolic Polity. Even Mr White was able to have a good chuckle with my production.

    Here is the full list of my other videos discussing the Apostolic Polity and defending the commonly received texts of the Apostolic Churches.


    I look forward to further dialouge Mr Williams

    God Bless


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  2. I’m very impressed with your production skills Jonathan.

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  3. Yes, maybe Muslims should be supporters of James White (5:55). Some forms of Islam (in the context of aqeeda) is essential just Protestantism without the Trinity, Atonement, and Original Sin. I mean that many variations of Protestantism stress the sovereignty of God (called theological voluntarism, whose metaethics is often called “divine command theory”). Essentially in Protestantism, one is saved solely through God dispensing salvific grace to his creation to result in one believing in the atonement to be saved. In other words, justification is entirely external, while sanctification is something that is merely incidental to justification. Sanctification can be regarded as an external sign of being justified.

    (I think 1 Corinthians 6 and Romans 13 would support or is at least compatible with this Protestant interpretation.)

    A Muslim who subscribes to theological voluntarism could argue that atonement is not necessary (many Protestants may even agree). A Muslim certainly agrees that justification occurs solely due to God’s mercy, since there are hadith mentioning that no one can enter jannah, not even the Prophet, SAwS, without God’s mercy.


  4. Nothing gives your argument more gravitas than making fluffy cartoons – this settles the authenticity of Luke 23:34 once and for all.

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